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Short North Organizations

Stan Sells with Maddy Weisz, serving the Friends of Goodale Park organization.
© Photo August 2004 by Kaizaad Kotwal

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Friends of Goodale Park

Friends of Goodale Park is a non-profit organization that works to improve Goodale Park through tree plantings, flower bed maintenance and improvement of the physical elements of the park. FGP works year ‘round in coordination with Columbus Recreation & Parks to make Goodale Park a Columbus gem.

PO Box 8266 Columbus OH 43201 • • Jason Kentner, President

• Gazette Articles related to Goodale Park:

Goodale Park Series Part One, by Beverly Mullet Randall

August 2004 article: Pool Tour a Success: Fountain Project Moves Forward By Karen Edwards

December 2004 article: Holiday Gala to Showcase Goodale Park Fountain Models

January 2005 photos: Annual Holiday Gala at Cocoa Manor (December 15, 2004) Photos and captions

February 2005 article: OSU Professor Wins Project: Malcolm Cochran's art proposal selected for Goodale Park pond by Cindy Bent Findlay

April 2007 article : Friends of Goodale Park: Twenty Years of Bloomin' Hard Work, by Jennifer Hambrick

September 2007 article: Friends of Goodale Park Update, by Stan Sells

December 2007 article: Special Park Discoveries Turn Into Artistic Treasures, by Pat Lewis

February 2008 article: Friends of Goodale Park Holiday Gala at Harrison Park Community Center (December 5, 2007) Photos and article

June 2008 article: Community pulls together for Goodale Park beautification (May 10, 2008) Photos and article

March 2010 article: Circus elephants inspire artist Malcolm Cochran's new design for Goodale Park Fountain

May 2010 article: Friends of Goodale Park Hires Helper, Julie Hallan brings the spirit of friendship and fun to FGP, by Margaret Marten

May/June 2012 article: The Case of the Moving Monument,, by Christine Hayes

July/August 2013 article: Sink or Swim: Goodale Park Fountain Finally Makes a Splash, by Cynthia Bent Findlay

July/August 2014 article: Paul Hammock Portrays Lincoln Goodale - Ceremony Marks Rededication of South Gate by Psyche North Torok

January/February 2017 article: Friends of Goodale Park Premier Gala Awards by Margaret Marten

January/February 2017 Photos: Friends of Goodale Park Gala, December 2016 page 9 and page 10

Friend of Goodale Park Premier Gala Awards January/February 2017

May/June 2017: 30th Anniversary of the Friends of Goodale Park: The Early Years, by Pat Lewis

Harrison West Society

The Harrison West Society was founded in 1975 to support and encourage new and potential programs to improve the neighborhood conditions and environment; to develop a more reasonable sense of the community and its environment; to broaden the appreciation of ethnic and social heritage with friendly contact; to preserve and uphold the rights of the community known as Harrison West; and to provide support and act as a conduit for neighborhood improvement. The Society meets the third Wednesday of every month.

P O Box 163442 Columbus OH 43216 • • • Tim Price, President

• Gazette Articles related to Harrison West:

December 2004 article: The Birth of a Neighborhood: From Humko to Harrison Park, by Cindy Bent Findlay
June 2006
article: Harrison West Open Garden Tour, by Jennifer Hambrick
June 2009 article: The Dogs of Wheeler Park, by Karen Edwards
October 2010 article: Harrison Park: An Urban Gem by Cindy Bent Findlay
January/February 2015 article: Bob Mangia, A Remarkable Neighbor: Harrison West Society honors community member with annual award, by Mary MacDonald
January/February 2016 article: Inspirational Neighbor of the Year Matthew Williams gives his best to Harrison West, by Margaret Marten

Italian Village Society

Formed by residents and property owners in 1972, the Italian Village Society is a neighborhood organization for all those who live, work, do business or are interested in Italian Village. The Society has monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at the Second Avenue Elementary School gymnasium, 68 E. Second and Mt. Pleasant avenues from 7:30 to 9 pm. Park in the school lot and enter from Second Avenue at the Junior Achievement BizTown/Donatos entrance.

P O Box 8001 Columbus OH 43201 • Audra Wheeler, President • Gazette Articles related to Italian Village:

• Gazette Articles related to Italian Village:

Cover December 2005 article: A Walk Through the Past in Italian Village, by Jennifer Hambrick

July/August 2015 article: Larry and Sylvia Totzke: Short North heroes start anew in Portland, by Margaret Marten

November/December 2015 article: Construction Craze: Is Italian Village developing too quickly to preserve its history? by Tracy Zollinger Turner

January/February 2016 article: Tim Lai ArchitecT: Competition Winner to Create IV Park Pavilion by Margaret Marten

Short North Alliance
- formed May 2012

The Short North Alliance (SNA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving both the property owners and business owners of the Short North Arts District. The mission of the Short North Alliance is to nurture the Short North Arts District as a vibrant, creative, and inclusive community and leading arts destination. The Short North Alliance will • Advocate (for its success) • Improve (its public spaces) • Engage (its unique stakeholders) • Sustain (its resources and supportive relationships) • Market (its success and opportunities)
21 East 5th Avenue, Suite 103 Columbus 43201 • 614.299.8050 • • Betsy Pandora, Director

• Gazette Articles related to Short North Alliance:

September/October 2013: Betsy Pandora Takes Charge, by Allex Spires

January/February 2014: New Marketing Manager at Short North Alliance: Dana Cox, by Margaret Marten

May/June 2014: New Face at the Short North Alliance Melanie Kortyka will orchestrate events for the arts district, by Margaret Marten

PHOTOS: Short North Gala Photos [JULY/AUGUST 2014 Issue] Page 24 and Page 25

September/October 2015 Short North Alliance Hires New Business & Visitor Services Coordinator, by Margaret Marten

Short North Block Watch

The Short North Block Watch was created to allow residents in Italian Village, Victorian Village, Harrison West, Dennison Place, The Circles, and the High Street Business District to share information about crime and safety-related issues, foster collaboration, and promote overall safety within the short North community. •

• Gazette Articles related to Short North Block Watch:

Short North Block Watch: Grassroots program is effective but could use more eyes and ears, by Psyche North Torok January/February 2015

Short North Business Association (now the Short North Alliance) - merged with Short North Special Improvement District to form Short North Alliance May 2012

• Gazette Articles related to the SNBA:

September 2005 article: Not Business as Usual - New Short North Business Association Executive Director John Angelo, by Jennifer Hambrick

March 2010 article: A Brighter Future Begins Now, Dream job delights newly appointed SNBA Director, by Jennifer Hambrick

May/June 2012 article: Short North Welcomes Ambassador Team by Cindy Bent Findlay

Short North Civic Association - former Victorian Village Society, until July 2009

The Short North Civic Association (former Victorian Village Society) is a non-profit civic association focused on building a strong community through representation, education, advocacy and sponsorship of events and projects for the neighborhoods of the Short North area. We welcome all who reside in the neighborhood, homeowners and renters alike, as well as business owners and their employees, to become a member.

120 W. Goodale Street, Columbus OH 43215 • 614.228.2912 • • Jeff Smith, President

Gazette Articles related to SNCA and Victorian Village Society:

September 2005 article: Hollywood in Spotlight at Preview Dinner Parties by Karen Edwards

September 2008 article: Century-Old Homes Present Challenges by Pat Lewis

September 2009 article: 'Last' Victorian Village Home Tour by Karen Edwards

September 2011 article: Tour: A Dozen Stops Finalized for 2011

May/June 2012 article: Civic Association Steps Into the Future by Margaret Marten

July/August 2016 article: Tour of Homes and Gardens: Interesting Mix of Old and New by Pat Lewis

Short North Foundation - former Short North Neighborhood Foundation

The Short North Foundation (SNF) is a non-profit organization committed to celebrating and supporting art, diversity, and vitality in the Short North neighborhood to further enhance the lives of all who live, work and play in the Short North. The SNF provides time, talent and money to help achieve specific Short North goals while leveraging local resources and fostering communications in and among other area civic organizations.

120 W. Goodale Street, Columbus OH 43215 • • Steve Hurtt, President •

• Gazette Articles related to SNF:

April 2003 article: Living Up to a Legacy: Rich Sensenbrenner inherits his grandfather's commitment to build and better the city of Columbus by Cindy Bent Findlay

June 2004 article: Larry Brown SNNF Community Leadership Award by Karen Edwards

May 2005 article: Creating Encounters in Urban Art and History

June 2005 article: Art Patrons: In Celebration of Short North (Andrew Lidgus sculpture in pocket park)

January 2006 article: Gina Cronley: The Short North's Favorite Wizard

December 2006 cover story: Community: Andy Klein Spells It Out by Jennifer Hambrick

May 2007 article: Stephen Weed steps up to the plate for the SNNF by Jennifer Hambrick

January 2008 cover story: Foundation Honors Zoe and Jack Johnstone by Jennifer Hambrick

January/February 2015 article: Short North Foundation Awards Four Grants: Funds help support area concert, film and park projects (press release)

September/October 2016 article: Short North Foundation Awards Five Grants (press release)

Short North Parents

Created in 2013, Short North Parents is a support network for parents, parents-to-be and guardians in the Short North area. Their mission is to connect parents in the Short North and surrounding neighborhoods to help them remain in the neighborhood once their children reach school age. Whether you have questions about schools in the area, family-friendly places and activities, or just want to talk with other adults, Short North Parents is a community-building group where you can bring your whole family and get the support you need to continue being the best parent/guardian you can be. Real world meetings are held monthly. Visit Facebook for updates.

(614) 397-6661 • • Katie Beaumont, Volunteer

Short North Special Improvement District - merged with Short North Business Association to form Short North Alliance in May 2012

SID is an association of all High Street property owners formed to enhance the pedestrian experience along High Street.

NOW CONDUCTED BY THE SHORT NORTH ALLIANCE [AFTER 2012] Daily maintenance and streetscape improvements along High Street. SID is who made the arches over High Street happen • SID is the creator for Pocket Parks • SID cleans, paints, and plants flowers • SID is all of the property owners in the Short North taxing themselves to create the Short North Human Experience.

21 East 5th Avenue, Suite 103 Columbus 43201 • 614.299.8050 • • Betsy Pandora, Director

Gazette Articles related to the Short North SID:

April 2010 cover story: Tim Wagner Leads the Short North Special Improvement District Into Its Second Decade, by Jennifer Hambrick

Jan/Feb 2012 cover story: The Parking Pinch by Cindy Bent Findlay

Victorian Village Society - See SHORT NORTH CIVIC ASSOCIATION


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