Columbus, Ohio USA
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Holiday Gala to
Showcase Goodale Park Fountain Models
by Karen Edwards
December 2004


Cocoa Manor
photo Gus Brunsman III

You are cordially invited to a Holiday Gala, December 15, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Cocoa Manor, arguably one of the most lavishly decorated, sumptuous homes in Victorian Village if not Columbus.

Granted, you'll need $35 to get in the door - but that seems a small price to pay, not only for the privilege of touring the elegant home of Greg Zanetos, 76 Buttles Ave., but for the opportunity to serve as, well, a patron of the arts and garden all at the same time.

The holiday gala is an annual fund-raiser for The Friends of Goodale Park, a non-member association that has taken on the responsibility of maintaining and improving the appearance of the Victorian Village park, bounded by Buttles Ave.on the north and Goodale Ave. on the south. When you see flowers bloom in the beds each summer, thank the Friends. The improvements in the shelter house that resulted in a catering kitchen and a staging area for weddings? The Friends helped make that happen.
This year, however, the funds raised by the holiday gala will go for a very special purpose - the creation of a fountain for the park's small lake.

Nine judges - comprised of architects and artists, in addition to representatives from the Friends and the fountain project's co-sponsor, the BrickStreet Art Association - have selected four artists to offer their vision of the fountain they would create for the park.

“We received 54 applications from artists across the country and the world, including artists from Australia and Japan,” says Stan Sells, president of the Friends of Goodale Park.

The four artists selected to compete in the project's final phase are Howard Kalish, Brooklyn, New York; Archie Held, Richmond, California; Malcolm Cochran, Columbus, Ohio; and Lisa Hein and Bob Seng of New York City. (An earlier contestant, Sydney Reichman of Franklin, Tennessee, withdrew after her artist partner became ill and she felt she couldn't complete the project by herself if she won.)

All four artists have created a maquette or model - a miniature version of what their completed fountain would look like - with $1,000 seed money, provided by the Friends.

The models will be on display in the mansion during the night of the gala, but if you would like a sneak peek - and a chance to vote for your favorite entry - then drop by the Wood Company Office Building, 930 N. High St. during this month's Gallery Hop, between 2 and 10 p.m.. The models will remain on display at the Wood Company until the Holiday Gala, then will return to the Wood Company for public display through the end of December (during the Wood Company's business hours.) Sells hopes to have volunteers in place so that the public can continue to see the models and vote for their favorites on weekends as well.

“We definitely want the public's input,” says Sells, who encourages everyone to stop by and vote. Although the actual winner will be chosen by the judges, “We will be sharing the public's opinion with them.”

The judges will meet the second Saturday in January, January 8, to decide which artist will create the Goodale Park fountain, and will announce the winner shortly thereafter.
Just don't look for the fountain art before 2006.

“We'll put together a plan early next year for raising the funds we need to build the fountain,” says Sells.

And, of course, after that, the artist will need to create the project.

Right now, however, you can do your part toward speeding the Friends' project along by attending the Holiday Gala and contributing your $35.

In exchange, you'll have a chance to roam the mansion you have probably already admired from street level.

“Over $1 million in improvements have been made over the past several years,” says Sells. And that includes a new lower level theater/bar/game room to explore.

The invitation has been extended. The Friends of Goodale Park hope you can come.

No need to RSVP, however. Tickets will be available at the door the night of the gala. However, if you have questions or would like more information, contact the Victorian Village Society Headquarters, 614-228-2912.