Columbus, Ohio, USA
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Abbott's Antique Paper & Emporium. Buried Treasures: Abbott's Emporium excavates art, history from pages of vintage magazines [NOVEMBER 2009] by Dennis Fiely

Alexanders Jewelers. Alexanders Jewelers Provides European Service and Style Profile of jeweler Alex Khvalsky and his shop in the Short North. [FEBRUARY 2007] by Karen Edwards

Allen, John. Short North Tavern owner Nuts About The Short North [MARCH 2000] by Jeff Bell

Allen, John Short North Tavern: Thirty-year-old bar aging gracefully. [COVER MARCH 2011] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Alternative Auto Care. Female-owned and operated garage off the beaten path. [DECEMBER 2003] by Michele Spring-Moore

Alternative Auto Care. Car Repair with a Difference: After 25 years, Alternative Auto Care continues on a road less traveled [DECEMBER 2008] by Dennis Fiely

Andes, Roland. In Visible City [November 1999]

Andry, Eva. Looking Down on Life Eva Andry's 'Cell Phone Zombies' by Kaizaad Kotwal [JULY/AUGUST 2015]

Anew: Fine Consignment Furnishings. Anew Turns 10. Linda Franz celebrates 10 years of business on High Street. [NOVEMBER 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Arch City Tavern. Arch City Tavern Pays Tribute to Columbus: Vasiliev Nini captures city scenes in magnificent mural [NOV/DEC 2012] by Ann Starr

Art. In Search of Visionary Art [JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013] by Jory Farr

Artie B's Artie B's: Fixin' Bad Hair Days [AUGUST 2010] by Karen Edwards

Arts Impact Middle School. Arts Impact Middle School Nancy Patzer writes about a building with a lot of history: The old Everette Middle School, before that Everette Junior High School, and before that North High School [JUNE 2000]

Avradopoulos, Maria. Community Banker: New branch manager's neighborhood ties add personal touch to financial services [JANUARY 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Basi Italia. Basi Italia at Ten Years: A Beautiful, Crazy Ride [NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013] by Karen Edwards

Bass, Leon. Leon Bass: The Entertainment Lawyer [JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013] by Jory Farr

Baskets By Bonnie: The end of her Short North run 11 years building friendships and a sense of community is a hard thing to leave behind. [FEBRUARY 2005] by Karen Edwards

Bed and Breakfast. 50 Lincoln Bed and Breakfast: Hospitality in the Short North [JANUARY 2007] by Karen Edwards

Beer, Eugene (See Piano Peddler)

Benevolence, A Cafe and Bakery. Highland Nature Sanctuary [AUGUST 2003] by Michele Spring-Moore

Better Earth. Green Living: Pioneering store Better Earth celebrates 20 years [JULY 2011] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

B. Hamptons. SEE: Hamptons on King

Bike Bollards. Where the Rubber Hits the Road [FEBRUARY 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

BP Station. More Than 30 Years of Thurber BP: Dan Davis and his children Anne and Chris who run the station are featured. [NOVEMBER 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Rick Blackburn: Mail carrier, artist and friend all in one package: Profile of Short North mail carrier and his art [COVER FEBRUARY 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Blazer's Pub. Blazer's Opens Door to Everyone. Feature on Karen Blazer's diversified bar, located in the Short North [November 2004] by W. David Hall

Bletz, Mickey (See Galeria Zona Corazon)

Bodega Cafe and Carryout: New Experience [MARCH 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Bolen, Bonie. Artist Rising: Country Roots, Family Ties Help Shape Artist's Vision, Versatility [JULY 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Borg, Rick Sidewalk Artists Under Scrutiny Licensing Curbs Freewheeling Street Peddlers [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

Borgia, Rick. Rick Borgia shares his lifelong affair with two Muses: Visual artist, musician, record producer, inventor, Harrison West resident and New York City 9/11 refugee, Borgia has made a career of embracing the full gamut of creative experience. [COVER MAY 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Bratich, Olivera. Bratich Brilliance: Party Supply Store Sparkles with Surprises [September/October 2016] by Margaret Marten

BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization). Bravo Moves to the Short North [AUGUST 2005] by Karen Edwards

BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization). BRAVO Community Service Awards: Photos [MARCH 2005]

BrickStreet Arts Association. SEE: Short North Organizations page

Brown, Larry. Larry Brown SNNF Community Leadership Award : Larry Brown receives the Short North Neighborhood Foundation 2004 Community Leadership Award. [JUNE 2004] by Karen Edwards

Brown, Duarte. SEE: New Life United Methodist Church

Brown, Larry. Short North mourns the loss of neighborhood activist, devoted servant Lawrence Glenn "Larry" Brown (1950-2008) [AUGUST 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Brown, Smoky. Smoke Signals: Inside the life and outsider art of Smoky Brown [JUNE 2008] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Bundy, Harrison (1937-2005). See Flytown

Burkhart, Emerson. Emerson Burkhart: Beloved Columbus Artist Returns [FEBRUARY 2010] Story by Jennifer Hambrick

Burkhart, Emerson Enduring Artistic Spirit of Emerson Burkhart by Ben Hayes [COVER SEPTEMBER 2006]

Burkhart, Emerson. The Unpublished Letters.

Burkhart, Emerson. Gallery and Gallery Two

Burkhart, Emerson. Remembering Emerson Burkhart. by Tom Thomson

Byzantium. The Bead Goes On: Byzantium Turns 25 [COVER JUNE 2010] by Jennifer Hambrick

Byzantium. The Benefits of Beading: Byzantium classes - A gift to yourself [NOVEMBER 2008] by Karen Edwards

Byzantium. Cynthia Dillard and the art of mindful beading OSU professor teaches beading at Byzantium. [NOVEMBER 2008] by Karen Edwards

Byzantium. To Russia with love: Byzantium's bead donation wins hearts of Russian orphans Features Mark Fazzina's trip to Russia. - [SEPTEMBER 2007] by Karen Edwards

Camelot Cellars. Camelot Cellars: Ohio's first on-premise winery run by Chuck Frobose and Mary Frobose [JULY 2005] by Karen Edwards

Capuano, Cathy. SEE: Hamptons on King.

Caravan Bar. Saying Goodbye to Alice Faye and the Caravan [July 1998] by Tom Thomson

Carlisle, Craig. Carlisle's Creatures California artist returns to Columbus for his 10th Anniversary Show. [COVER APRIL 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Chenoweth, Doral Jr. Quaker Oats Could Preserve Earth [November/December 2106]

Cherry's Art Center. A Wonderful, Eclectic, Eccentric Emporium. [COVER DECEMBER 2010] by Karen Edwards

Children's Theatre. SEE Columbus Children's Theatre

Chung, Esther. A Passion for Fashion Esther Chung's DIY sewing and knitting in vogue at Milk Bar [MARCH 2010] by Karen Edwards

Circus Town. Circus Town Nancy Patzer writes of the days the Sells Brothers Circus called Columbus home.

Cohen, Bill. Bill Cohen's Amazing Magic Carpet Ride to the '60s. [COVER NOVEMBER 2010] by Karen Edwards

CoGo Controversy: East Lincoln Street Bike Station Troublesome to Some Business Owners by Tracy Zollinger Turner [MARCH/APRIL 2015]

Columbus Black Actors' Theater: City's Newest Troupe. Stevi Meredith starts up first professional black theater troupe in town, her gift to Columbus. [SEPTEMBER 2005] by Karen Edwards

Columbus Children's Theatre: William Goldsmith - Leading Kids into the Limelight. [COVER OCTOBER 2000] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Columbus Children's Theatre: 40 Years of Columbus Children's Theatre, The Little Theater That Could [COVER SEPTEMBER 2003] by Karen Edwards

Columbus Children's Theatre. New Executive Director Susan Pringle, [APRIL 2017] by Margaret Marten

Columbus Eyeworks. Art in and around the eye of the beholder - profile of Daniel J. Koch, O.D., owner of Columbus Eyeworks, an optometric practice located at 1127 N. High Street in the Short North. [OCTOBER 2003] by Karen Edwards

Columbus Eyeworks. Bringing It All Into Focus: Daniel Koch: Part of the larger picture [MAY/JUNE 2015 COVER] by Karen Edwards

Colvin-Tener, Deb. Deb Colvin-Tener: Experience is the greatest teacher for Columbus singer-actress [September/October 2012] by Ann Starr

Columbus Food Adventures. Like Robert Altman's Popeye, 'Everything is Food' [MARCH/APRIL 2013] by Allex Spires

Columbus Running Company. Run With It: Columbus Running Company Steps Into the Short North Community [May/June 2014] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

Columbus Science Pub. Vampires Bite in the Dead of Night [JAN/FEB 2013] by Allex Spires

ComFest. ComFest Logo Contest Winner [MAY/JUNE 2105] by Margaret Marten

Comfest.Julie Macala Wins Logo Design Contest [May/June 2016] by Margaret Marten

Concrete Jungle. Concrete Jungle: Master gardeners bring beauty, expertise and humor to Short North [JULY 2009] by Karen Edwards

Cooke, David. Goodale Garage Enhances Parking Experience With Art David Cooke's painting celebrates city's urban parks
by Tracy Zollinger Turner
[Jan/Feb 2016]

Cookware Sorcerer. Cookware Sorcerer Conjures Kitchen Magic [NOVEMBER 2006] by Karen Edwards

Condos Springing Up in the Short North Parkview, Victorian Gate, Goodale Park Place, Goodale Park Condominiums and others are appearing in the Short North. [COVER MARCH 2005] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Corkwell, Bob. Corkwell: A Portrait of the Artist. [COVER NOV/DEC 2012] by Jory Farr

Counseling at Goodale Park : For Tough Times: Counseling at Goodale Park - profile of Jerry Worthington and associate Deborah Bethel, offering support to those in need at 11 Buttles Avenue in the Short North. [MARCH 2005] by Karen Edwards

Cowtown Art. Cowtown Art

Gina Cronley: The Short North's Favorite Wizard receives the Short North Neighborhood Foundation Community Leadership Award for 2005. [JANUARY 2006] by Karen Edwards

Culture 7 Records. Culture 7 Records: Garden District Groovers by Poppa Hopp September 2000

Cummings, Spangler. The Art Gallery That Started It All [COVER MAY 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Czech, Roman. SEE: Elements of Art

David's on High: Small Town Meets Big City It's Countrypolitan for Columbus at Short North Shop [COVER FEBRUARY 2010] by Jennifer Hambrick

Dillard, Cynthia SEE: Byzantium

Disabled. Navigating the Urban Landscape How Accessible is the Short North for the Disabled? [JUL/AUG 2015] by Tracy Zollinger Turner

Dog Park. SEE: Wheeler Dog Park

Doggie Business : Lisa Mallett and Sylvia Burch, co-owners of Doggie Business, provide professional dog walking and pet sitting. [AUGUST 2004] by W. David Hall

Doo Dah 2015: Eyes on Doo Dah: The 32nd Somehow Annual Doo Dah Parade [JUL/AUG 2015] by Allex Spires

Doo Dah 2014: Somebody Bet on the Bay: The 30th Anniversary of the Somehow Annual Doo Dah Parade [JUL/AUG 2014] by Allex Spires

Doo Dah. How It All Began: Interview with Doo Dah Parade UnOfficial Starter, Joe Theibert [MAY/JUNE 2017]

Doo Dah 2009: The Greatest Showoffs on Earth [AUGUST 2009] by Dennis Fiely

Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine: Touching the Earth Lightly : Magdiale Wolmark and his wife Cristin Austin have been running their vegan restaurant since June 2000. [COVER JULY 2006] by Karen Edwards

Ebright, Rob. Techie as Activist: Robb Ebright [NOV/DEC 2012] by Jory Farr

Echoes Art & Antiques: Finding Treasure at 24 E. Lincoln Street featured. [AUGUST 2006] by Karen Edwards

Egg Man. SEE: Thompson, Bill

83 Gallery. Basement Party to High Street Gallery The Beat Goes On for 83 [COVER DECEMBER 2011] by Cynthia Rosi

Elemental Veterinary Center and Pet Spa It's Elemental: Flores Celebrates 5 Years of Healing, Helping Animals [Cover July/August 2016] by Karen Edwards

Elements of Art. Elements of Art-Gallery's Roman Czech [NOVEMBER 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Elmer, Frank. Mr. Elmer's Neighborhoods: Architect and city planner Frank Elmer makes the case for trolleys in the Columbus of today - and tomorrow [JULY 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Europia: Pia Hiotis's 10-year-old dream Upscale gourmet carryout and state liquor store celebrates its 10th anniversary [COVER MARCH 2007] by Karen Edwards

Evans, Marcia. Marcia Evans Gallery Celebrates 10 Years by Karen Edwards [March/April 2016]

Extra Terrestrial Auto Detail Center. Extra Terrestrial Beams Up Clean, Shiny Cars [OCTOBER 2005] by Doug Maag

Eye Stop Productions. Theatre Company All Wrapped Up in Tape [JANUARY 2004] by Karen Edwards

Fancy Beads Warehouse. In Pursuit of Beads World Travelers Fill Fancy Beads Warehouse [May/June 2012] by Cynthia Rosi

Farmer, Carol. Carol Farmer . . . One Womans' Artistic Odyssey (Show at Gallery V) [MAY 2000] by Tom Thomson

Fauver, Ron. (1931- 2014). [JULY/AUGUST 2014] by Maria Galloway

Fazzina, Mark. SEE: Byzantium

50 Lincoln Bed and Breakfast. SEE: Bed and Breakfast

Fiery Foods Festival. The Fire Eaters: North Market Fiery Foods Festival 2014 [MAR/APR 2014] by Allex Spires

Fireproof Records Center. Fireproof Storage: From Horse-drawn to High Tech: Fireproof Storage Spans the Century [] by Jeff Bell

Fireproof Records Center: Fireproof Records Center 100th Anniversary [COVER JANUARY 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Fitrakis, Bob: Bob Fitrakis: The Muckraker [SEPT/OCT 2013] by Jory Farr

Flower Child: The Memory Recycling Center [MAY/JUNE 2013] by Allex Spires

Flytown. Flytown 23rd Reunion [JUNE 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Flytown. Flytown Family Member Dies: Harrison Bundy Jr. (1937-2005) [JULY 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Fordyce, Doug. Art Spirit within Douglas Fordyce. [COVER JUNE 2002] by Kaizaad Kotwal. See also Studio 16

Fordyce, Doug (See Studio 16)

Fowler, Angela. Super Shine's Angela Fowler Celebrates 10 Years of Clean Windows in the Short North [SEPTEMBER 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Friends of Goodale (see Goodale)

Full Monty: Working hard for the money All nude males at 870 N. High Street. [FEBRUARY 2005] by Anna Jones

Galeria Zona Corazon Celebrates Day of the Dead and Circus Banners at Zona

Galeria Zona Corazon: Micky Bletz of Galeria Zona Corazon remembered (1952-2008) [JUNE 2008] By Jennifer Hambrick

GALLERY HOP HISTORY. SEE: Cummings, Spangler

Gallery Hop. Gallery Hop: The Early Years - Nick & Polina Entertain Throngs [NOV/DEC 2014] by Joel Knepp

Gallery Hop. Gallery Hop History Looking back to the beginning of the ever-popular Gallery Hops [JUNE 2000] by Maria Galloway

Gallery Hop. Celebration of 275th Gallery Hop brings back memories. [July 2008] by Maria Galloway

Gallery Hop. Sidewalk Artists Under Scrutiny Licensing Curbs Freewheeling Street Peddlers [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

Gallery V. Diamonds Are Forever: Under the direction of Lynne Muskoff, Gallery V scintillates [June 2003 Cover] by Elizabeth Ann James

Gallery V. Lynne Muskoff (1937-2016) Gallery V Owner Loved Art, Travel, Books, and Family. [MAY/JUNE 2016] by Margaret Marten

Giant Eagle. Farewell, Big Bird [MARCH/APRIL 2017] by Joel Knepp

Glean. The Delight of Discovery: Dawn McCombs Opens Her Door to the Unexpected, [Cover March/April 2015] by Karen Edwards

Gless, Ruth. Ruth Gless Appointed Chair of Non-Profit; Returns to Love of Painting [MARCH/APRIL 2014] by Margaret Marten

Gless, Ruth. Ruth Gless Gets Better at Art [March/April 2016] by Margaret Marten

Goodale: Friends of Goodale Park. 30th Anniversary of the Friends of Goodale Park Early Years [May/June 2017] by Pat Lewis

Goodale: Friends of Goodale Park. 20 Years of Bloomin' Hard Work [COVER APRIL 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Goodale: Friends of Goodale Park. Sink or Swim: Goodale Park Fountain Finally Makes a Splash [July/August 2013] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Goodale: Friends of Goodale Park. SEE more stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Goodale: Park Playground. Goodale Park Welcomes New Playground: City swaps equipment, spruces up site for kids [July/August 2017], by Margaret Marten

Goody Boy. Cover Story: A Slice of American Dream [MAR/APR 2012] by Cynthia Rosi

GrandView Mercantile. The Treasure Keeper: Sharon O'Brien and GrandView Mercantile [July/August 2012] by Karen Edwards

Groove U: Music That Works: New College Focuses on Jobs in Music Industry [JAN/FEB 2012] by Cynthia Rosi

Groove U. Students Band Together at Skully's Music-Diner for Goove U's Fifth Annual High School Competition. [MAR/APR 2017] by Margaret Marten

Gum, Lori. Lori Gum: From Boxing to Jewish Mysticism [MAY/JUNE 2013] by Jory Farr

Gutheil, Richard. SEE: Rich's Antiques & Collectibles

Haberdashery, Columbus. Accent on Style: Columbus Haberdashery sparkles with vibrant assortment of scarves, ties [AUGUST 2009] by Karen Edwards

Haiku. Farewell Haiku Poetic Food & Art. November/December 2016 by Margaret Marten

Haitz, Nancy. Nancy Haitz (1952-2016) A Series of Ripples Remains [May/June 2016] by Maria Galloway

Hamptons on King. Rebirth of a Bar [November 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Hammond Harkins Galleries. Artful Living: After 20 years, the Hammond Harkins Galleries is still relevant
[COVER JAN/FEB 2017] by Karen Edwards

Harber, Jeff. Second Life: A painting gets another chance in the Short North [OCTOBER 2007] By Jennifer Hambrick

Harrison Park Development: New residential development on the old AC Humko factory site in Harrison West is progressing. [DECEMBER 2004] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Harrison Park. Harrison Park: An Urban Gem [OCTOBER 2010] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Harrison West. SEE ALSO stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Heartland Victorian Village. Finding Friends at Heartland Victorian Village [AUGUST 2000] by Jeff Bell visits this nursing and rehabilitation center

Heckelman, Dwight, SEE: Groove U [JAN/FEB 2012]

Hemming, W.C. Creating a Legacy [COVER JANUARY 2001] by Jeff Bell

Hemming, W.C. Encountering W.C. Hemming: The artist, the man [COVER MAY/JUNE 2017] by Karen Edwards

Highball Halloween. Backstage at Highball Halloween [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012] by Karen Edwards

Hippie Hut. Hippie Hut: Circleville Shop Moves to Columbus [MAY/JUNE 2015] by Margaret Marten

Hoffman, Kristin. The Dirt Art Queen: Kristin Hoffman blends art and nature into livelihood [APRIL 2010] by Karen Edwards

House of Hope. Turning Lives Around For Good: House of Hope opens the door to positive change for recovering addicts [COVER JANUARY 2011] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

Hundos. The Barista Rock Star: Hundos Opens for Melt-Banana at Skully's Music-Diner [JULY/AUGUST 2015] by Allex Spires

Italian Village - A Walk Through The Past: Historical overview of Joe Pishitelli's life in the Columbus neighborhood called Italian Village. [COVER DECEMBER 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Italian Village. SEE ALSO stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Italian Village. Construction Craze: Is Italian Village developing too quickly to preserve its history? by Tracy Zollinger Turner [NOV/DEC 2015]

Italian Village Park. Tim Lai ArchitecT: Competition Winner to Create IV Park Pavilion [JAN/FEB 2016] by Margaret Marten

James, Elizabeth Ann: Elizabeth Ann James (1935-2013) [SEPT/OCT 2013] by Ann Starr

Jeffrey Jr., Edwin. Carving Out a New Niche: First Solo Show at Lindsay Gallery [JULY 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Johnson, Ron. A Flair for Friendship: Ron Johnson (1949-2006) Award-winning videographer and freelance photographer dies at 56 years old. [AUGUST 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Johnstone, Jack and Zoe. Foundation Honors Zoe and Jack Johnstone: Short North Foundation 2007 Community Leadership Award [JANUARY 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Jung Association. C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio Celebrating 20 Years of Spiritual Reflection [SEPTEMBER 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Jung Association. Sweeney, Richard. Richard Sweeney and the JungHaus: Analyst continues spiritual journey in Columbus after 20 years [OCTOBER 2014] by Ann Starr

Kadish, Katherine. Marcia Evans Gallery: Katherine Kadish's expansive art by Ann Starr

Karavan: Treasures From Turkey. Karavan Treasures From Turkey Magical Contemporary Craftsmanship with Ancient Design [MARCH/APRIL 2014] by Ann Starr

Kamau, Kojo. Columbus Caught on Film: Photographer Kojo Kamau His new book, Columbus Remembered presents an anthology of photographs from 1960 - 2006. [AUGUST 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Klein, Andy. Com-mu-ni-ty: Andy Klein spells it out Short North Neighborhorhood Foundation 2006 Community Leadership Award [DECEMBER 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Koch, Daniel. SEE: Columbus Eyeworks

Kubat, Chuck. SEE: Magnolia Thunderpussy

Lac Viet Market. Lac Viet Market: From Saigon to the Short North [MARCH 2006] by Mary Martineau

L'Antibes: L'Antibes Legacy: Matthew Litzinger Carries on 20-year Tradition of Fine Dining [March/April 2013] by Karen Edwards

L'Antibes: Classic L'Antibes Restaurant co-owned by Dale Gussett and Larry Williamson opened in the Short North in February 1993 serving classic French food. [OCTOBER 2006] by Karen Edwards

Lamp Shade: It's all about the details A visit with Short North shop owner Marianne Lannan at 990 N. High Street. [MAY 2007] by Karen Edwards

Lamp Shade: The Lamp Shade: Transforming LIght [MAY/JUNE 2013] by Karen Edwards

Lazarus - A Year Without Lazarus: Writer reflects on the closing of downtown Columbus landmark shopping destination. [AUGUST 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Lessner, Diana. All Over The Place: Diana Lessner lends talent and energy to neighborhood restaurants, retail and parks [MAY 2009] by Dennis Fiely

Lindsay Gallery. Duff Lindsay: Beacon for the Outsider [COVER JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015] by Tracy Zollinger Turner

Loot. For the Love of Loot: Short North mainstay offers home-furnishing buyers a 'mall alternative [AUGUST 2008] by Karen Edwards

Macala, Julie. See Comfest

MacDonald, Mary. Mary MacDonald: Her Year in Beer - and all that came before [OCTOBER 2014] by Karen Edwards

Magnolia Thunderpussy. Thunderstruck: Why Record Lovers Dig Magnolia Thunderpussy After Thiry-Plus Years! [OCTOBER 2003] by Jeff Link

Mahaffey, Lynda. High Street Through The Ages: Lifelong Victorian Village Resident Lynda Mahaffey [SEPTEMBER 2009] by Dennis Fiely

Mahaffey, Lynda. Lynda Mahaffey Celebrates 90th Birthday [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016] by Margaret Marten

Mailman (See Blackburn, Rick)

Mangia, Bob. Bob Mangia: A Remarkable Neighbor [JAN/FEB 2014] by Mary MacDonald

Maotef Comics and Gifts. Maotef Comics and Gifts Calls It Quits [JAN/FEB 2017] by Margaret Marten

Martha Walker Garden Club. Rebels with Green Thumbs: Martha Walker Garden Club Celebrates 30 Years [SEPTEMBER 2011] by Karen Edwards

Martha Walker Garden Club. Martha Walker Garden Club: Nature & Community [APRIL 2009] by Karen Edwards

Martin, Vince. North Market Worker Warming Up for Fiery Foods Competition [JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014]

Martineau, Mary. (See Mary MacDonald)

Martineau, Mary. (See Mary MacDonald) Mary Martineau and the World of Possibilities North Market Marketing Director, former SNBA Executive Director, and former owner of the Short North shop Transformations, is one of those personalities forever tied to the Short North. [COVER JUNE 2006] by Karen Edwards.

Masonic Temple (See York Masonic Temple)

Margaret "Rosie" Martin (1936-2008)

Mary Catherine's Antiques Celebrates 25 years : Melaine Mahaffey of Mary Catherine's Antiques celebrates 25 years in business at 1128 N. High Street. She began the antique store with her mother, the late Eva Mahaffey. [DECEMBER 2004] by Karen Edwards

Mary Catherine's Antiques: When Adventure Calls, There's Mary Catherine's Antiques Celebration of 35 years [COVER NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014] by Karen Edwards

McClanahan, Lynda. Short North Swami [COVER JANUARY 2006] byJennifer Hambrick

McCombs, Dawn. See Glean

McCutcheon, John. Perspective 24 and Sean Christopher Gallery, by Christine Hayes [February 2003]

Metsikas, Angelos. In Memoriam: Angelos Metsikas (1934-2007) Zeta European Emporium loses longtime owner [MAY 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Mike's Grill Captured by Photographer Harry Williams Jr.: Mike's Grill and "Lonesome Ash" photos showing at Studio 16 in Harrison West. [JULY 2003] by Jeff Link

Miller, Jim. JiMiller Band's Final Live CD Recording at Park Street Tavern on April 28, 2012 [MAR/APR 2012] by Margaret Marten

Mish Gallery: A New Neighbor Artist Alexandra Kruglyak opens a new gallery at the corner of High and Starr featuring international artists. [MAY 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Monkeys Retreat - Then and Now A hippies-era boutique turns holistic healing center. [DECEMBER 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Monkeys Retreat - Stan Bobrof Obituary. Stanley Bobrof (1942-2014) [MAY/JUNE 2014] by Margaret Marten

MORPC (See Ride Solutions)

Mount, Steven. See Memorial

Murals. Murals - Walls That Talk: In the Short North, the Paintings's On The Wall. [COVER JANUARY 2005] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Murals. Mona Lisa Facelift and Condos Create Art and Highstyle Housing [SEPTEMBER 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Murals. Mural Obstruction - Word to the Wise - Be careful where you put your mural! Mural reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh's Parisian streetscape Café Terrace at Night painted on the Norka Futon Building at 780 N. High Street affected by restaurant patio construction [MARCH 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Murals. Photos of Bonie Bolen. American Gothic Mural: Bonie Bolen Renovates 2002 Mural in 2010. [NOVEMBER 2010]

Murals. 'Six in the Short North' Shares Stories of Columbus: Mural art continues to embellish brick buildings. [July/August 2017] by Margaret Marten

Muskoff, Lynn. SEE: Gallery V

Neil Avenue Baptist Church - Church Changes Hands. Over half a century in the Short North come to a close for Neil Avenue Baptist Church. [September/October 2016] by Margaret Marten

New Life United Methodist Church - Sermon on a Wall - Duarte Brown's mural [SEPTEMBER COVER 2010] by Jennifer Hambrick

New Life United Methodist Church - Recently appointed pastor continues female leadership. [November/December 2016] by Margaret Marten

NNEMAP. NNEMAP Food Pantry Leaves Neighborhood After 46 Years [May/June 2015]

NORML. High Hopes for Hip Happenin' High Folks: A Very NORML 4/20 [May/June 2013] by Allex Spires

North Graveyard. The North Graveyard A Restless Resting Place [OCTOBER 2006] by Beverly Mullet Randall

North Market Celebrates 10 Years in Advanced Thresher Warehouse [NOVEMBER 2005] by Mary Martineau

North Market. To Market, To Market [OCTOBER 2009] by Greg Knepp

North Market: Various Feature Stories and Coverage by Marketing Director Mary Martineau

Northside Library "Read" Posters They're role models and they're reading. The idea to imitate the popular, celebrity “Read” posters came from Northside’s customer service assistant Jamil Thomas. [DECEMBER 2005] by Karen Edwards

Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies and Bodywork (See Ruggieri, Mary Jo)

Ohioana Library. Ohioana Library Hears a 'Who' at 2nd Annual Book Festival [JULY 2008] by Christine Hayes

One Line Coffee. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper's Thumb, by Allex Spires September/October 2012

Painter, Denise. Painter of Nails: Natural nail therapist finds 'her own kingdom' at High and Hubbard [January 2011] by Karen Edwards

On Paper: Call It An Oasis Joan Schnee, owner of On Paper, 737 N. High Street, and her shop featured. [March 2006] by Karen Edwards

Palnik, Paul. Playing with God: An Idea Merchant's World of Cartooning and Spirituality [COVER JULY 2004] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Park Street Tavern (See Miller, Jim)

The Parking Pinch by [JAN/FEB 2012] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Parking. Reader's Letter about Sidestreet Parking [DECEMBER 2006]

Parking. Fickle Meter Feeders Around Goodale Park [November/December 2016] by Margaret Marten

Patricia's Centre Awakens Inner Artist The Wisdom of The Artist's Way: Classes offered by Patricia Ake in her Victorian Village home. [MARCH 2006] by Karen Edwards

Peace, Love, Bling. Peace, Love, Bling brings beauty, awareness [May/June 2016] by Margaret Marten

Piano Peddler. Bicycle Built For Tunes: Always on the move, the Piano Peddler provides the soundtrack for city life Musician Eugene Beer featured [JUNE 2009] by Dennis Fiely

Piece of Cake. Sweet Inspiration at Piece of Cake Brian Hotopp's Short North Bakery delivers dreamy, delectable homemade treats [FEBRUARY 2008]

Pierce, Elijah. Ecclesiastical Artist [FEBRUARY 2003 COVER] by Betty Garrett Deeds

Pistachio: Short North's behind-the-scene treasure A world class pastry shop in the back streets of the Short North Arts district in Columbus, Ohio. [APRIL 2006] by Karen Edwards

pm gallery turns 25 For 25 years, pm gallery, co-owned by Maria and Michael Secrest, has graced the corner of Buttles and North High Street in the Short North [COVER JUNE 2005] by Karen Edwards

pm gallery. All in the Family: pm gallery celebrates 35 years in the Short North [COVER NOV/DEC 2015] by Karen Edwards

Pocket Park. Art Patrons in Celebration of Short North (Andrew Lidgus sculpture) [June 2005]

Polarity Center. SEE: Ruggieri, Mary Jo

Posh Pets. Canines and Felines: Posh Pets celebrates 10 years in the Short North [NOV/DEC 2012] by Karen Edwards

Powell, Diane. An Artist, a Chinese Junk, and Old Union Station [July/August 2012 Cover Story] by Cynthia Rosi

Public Art. Limestone Legacy: Has anything changed since the departure of the grand sofa? [Sept/Oct 2015] by Tracy Zollinger Turner

Puffin Foundation. Puffin Place: Columbus' Well-Kept Cultural Secret [FEBRUARY 2002] by Michele Spring-Moore

r design & printing featured: How to succeed in printing

Reliable Advertising. Harold E. Baker (1925-2015) Reliable Advertising Company Patriarch Passes [JAN/FEB 2016] by Margaret Marten

Rich Sensenbrenner LIving Up to a Legacy: Receives Short North Neighborhood Foundation's 2003 Community Leadership Award. [APRIL 2003] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Rich's Antiques & Collectibles. Richard Gutheil (1951-2007) Owner of Rich's Antiques & Collectibles remembered - [MARCH 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

RideSolutions: Central Ohio program creates transportation alternatives by Psyche North Torok [Nov/Dec 2014]

Ridenour, Chet. Civic Association Steps into the Future: New Administrator is Ready to Roll [May/June 2012] by Margaret Marten

Rigsby, Kent and Tasi. An Expression of Taste: Pioneer of Fine Dining in the Short North. [COVER MAY 2003] by Cindy Bent

Rigsby, Kent. Kent Rigsby: Master of Makeovers: for 25 years, he's reinvented menus, his restaurant, old buildings, the Short North - and himself [COVER FEBRUARY 2011] by Karen Edwards

Rigsby, Tasi. See: Tasi Cafe [JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013]

R.J. Snappers, 10 Years and Still Making a Splash Seafood restaurant opened in March 1997 by owners Richard and Suzanne Stopper. 2007 marks 10 years of fine dining. [APRIL 2007] article by Karen Edwards

Riverfront Arts Festival. SEE: Snyder, Jay

Rose Bredl. Rose Bredl: Five Years of Floral Fantasy [JULY/AUGUST 2013] by Karen Edwards

Rotary Club. Short North Rotary Club [May/June 2015] by Psyche North Torok

Rowe Boutique. Rowe Boutique Style: From pop-up shop to popular pop-in [COVER July/August 2017] by Karen Edwards

Royal Factory Atelier: Five years supporting and creating local fashion [November/December 2016] by Therese Kalteneckery

Ruben, Don (Tribute). A Class Act: Legendary lawyer excelled in courtroom, conversation and cooking. [NOVEMBER 2011] by Maggie Newkirk

Ruggieri, Mary Jo. Mary Jo Ruggieri is making a splash in holistic health care (Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies and Bodywork) [APRIL 2009] by Jennifer Hambrick

Schakolad: Columbus' Very Own Chocolate Factory Anna and Joe Stossel opened the confectionery Schakolad at 583 N. High St. in October 2004. [OCTOBER 2005] by Karen Edwards

Sean Christopher Gallery. SEE: McCutcheon, John.

Sensenbrenner, Rich. Rich Sensenbrenner, Living Up to a Legacy [APRIL 2003] by Cindy Bent

Sevell, Steve and Beverly. Sevell + Sevell: The Business of Creating [JULY 2008] by Karen Edwards

Shaw Davis Funeral Home Shaw-Davis Celebrating Life Lived [May 2000] by Jeff Bell

Shively, Will. Will Shively's camera captures good fortune

Shively, Will. Will Shively: Starting Over at 64 [JULY/AUG 2013] by Jory Farr

Short Film Magnifying the Role of the Short: Karl Mechem and The Journal of Short Film [MARCH 2008] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Short North Ambassadors. Short North Welcomes Ambassador Team [MAY/JUNE 2012] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Short North. Town Hall Forum Held April 22, 2010. Artists Edgy about Neighborhood Changes. [April 2010] by T.C. Brown

Short North History. SEE ALSO: Wood, Sandy; Cummings, Spangler

Short North Business Association. SEE stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Short North Civic Association (Former Victorian Village Society). SEE stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Short North Foundation (Former Short North Neighborhood Foundation) SEE stories and coverage on NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATIONS page

Short North Special Improvement District. SEE: Wagner, Tim

Short North Stage. Let's Put on a Show! Curtain rises for Short North Stage [COVER OCTOBER 2011] By Karen Edwards

Short North Stage. The Journey to the Stage [MAY/JUNE 2013] by Jory Farr

Short North Tavern John Allen: Nuts About The Short North [March 2000] by Jeff Bell

Short North Tavern Short North Tavern: Thirty-year-old bar aging gracefully. [COVER MARCH 2011] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Short North Youth Chorus : Short North Youth Chorus, a joint project of CityMusic (formerly Short North Performing Arts Association) and Directions for Youth, have hired a new music director, Talisha Holmes who is working from the Short Stop Youth Center. [MAY 2004] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Short Stop Youth Center. Justin Riley: It's a Musical Planet! New Music director strikes a happy chord with Short Stop students [JULY 2007] by Jennifer Hambrick

Short Stop Youth Center. Short Stop Youth Center Fundraiser, Open Your HeART for Kids [JANUARY 2009] by Karen Edwards

Sidewalk Artists. Sidewalk Artists Under Scrutiny Licensing Curbs Freewheeling Street Peddlers [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012] by Cynthia Bent Findlay

Signs. Short North's Vintage Street Signs [FEBRUARY 2006] By Jennifer Hambrick

Snappers, R.J. See R.J. Snappers

Snook, James Howard. The Trial of Dr. James Howard Snook. [SEPTEMBER 1999 AND OCTOBER 1999] By Nancy Patzer

Snyder, Jay. Riverfront Art Festival: Jay Snyder's Downtown Fall Festival: A Colorful Celebration in Columbus [SEPTEMBER 2010] by Margaret Marten

Solley, Carol. Carol Solley (1958 - 2016) [September/October 2016] by Margaret Marten

Spinelli, Joe. Serving Subs and Salads with a Side of Heart [FEBRUARY 2009] By Dennis Fiely

St. James Tavern. St. James Tavern Fills The Void Without TVs [MAY/JUNE 2016] by Tracy Zollinger Turner

St. Joseph Montessori School. Parade Aides: Three Montessori Students are Part of World's Only Blind Marching Band [DECEMBER 2009] by Karen Edwards

St. Joseph Montessori School. Baking for Good: Lessons in math, science and caring fresh from the oven. [November/December 2016] by Karen Edwards

St. Joseph Montessori School. SEE ALSO: Warupa

St. Joseph Montessori School. Baking For Good: Lessons in math, science and caring fresh from the oven [November/December 2016] by Karen Edwards

Stenger, Chris. Chris Stenger: Natural Born Artist Has Designs on Problem Solving [OCTOBER 2009] by Karen Edwards

Streets: See Summit and Fourth

Studios on High Showcasing Artistic Diversity for 25 Years [COVER April 2011] by Karen Edwards

Stuart, Jesse. Jesse Stuart: A Ploughman and a Poet by Betty Garrett Deeds

Studio 16 Moving On Up : Doug Fordyce relocates Studio 16 from Harrison West into the Short North. [COVER APRIL 2005] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Suds & Java. Come In and Wash Off the Dust! Suds & Java Coin Laundry still churning away behind High Street construction [NOVEMBER 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Summit and Fourth Streets. Summit and Fourth: One-way or two-way? Street safety fuels debate [May/June 2015] by Tracy Zollinger Turner

Super Shine. SEE: Fowler, Angela

Surly Girl Saloon: Hello Surly Girls! Opening of Surly Girl Saloon, 1126 N. High St., by owners Carmen Owens, Marcy Mays and Elizabeth Lessner. [OCTOBER 2005] by Doug Maag

Sweeney, Richard. Richard Sweeney and the JungHaus: Analyst continues spiritual journey in Columbus after 20 years [OCTOBER 2014] by Ann Starr

Tasi Cafe. A Reflection on Taste – and Tasi Rigsby [JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013] by Karen Edwards

2Co's. Goodbye 2Co's: We'll Miss You [JANUARY 2006] by Karen Edwards

Theibert, Joe. Joe Theibert: A Great American. The Pied Piper of the early Short North remains a neighborhood mainstay after 25 years of change [NOVEMBER 2008] by Dennis Fiely

Theibert, Joe. See Memorial

Theis, Rick Klaus. Around the World in 18 Days Poet/Activist Rick Klaus Theis explains why he didn't go around the world. [JULY 1999 and AUGUST 1999]

Thompson, Bill. He was the Egg Man: Bill Thompson passes [APRIL 2008] by Mary Martineau

Thomson, Tom. Tribute to Publisher Emeritus Tom Thomson (1924-2015) by Margaret Marten [COVER JAN/FEB 2016]

Totzke, Larry and Sylvia. Short North Heroes Start Anew in Portland [JULY/AUGUST 2015] by Margaret Marten

Turner Barber. Chris Turner: The Victorian Barber of High Street [COVER MAY/JUN 2017] by Karen Edwards

Ujamaa Bookstore. Ujamaa Bookstore Celebrates Kwanzaa [December 2004] by W. David Hall

Union Station. SEE: Powell, Diane

Urban Gardener. Colorful Urban Gardener Display Signals Spring [May 2006] by Karen Edwards

UrbanOffice: Smart and Stylish Workspace Solutions: Ed Shuttleworth III continues where Functional Furnishings left off. [JANUARY 2005] by Cindy Bent Findlay

Velio, Jim. SEE: Goody Boy

Via, Jack. Just Singing' the Blues: Short North Bluesman Jack Via keeps his act - and his life - real [COVER JULY 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Via Colori Street Painting Festival Blossoms [SEPTEMBER 2005] by Jennifer Hambrick

Victorians' Midnight Cafe. Vic's Turns Ten! The real lives and wild times of a local watering hole. [JUNE 2007]

Victorian Village Society, including Home Tours: SEE: Short North Organizations page

Volker, Paul. It's a Beautiful Life: Hamburgers, Housework, and Happiness. [December 1999 Cover] by Jeff Bell

Volker, Paul. Paul Volker Opens Gallery in Maryland [September/October 2016] by Margaret Marten

Wagner, Tim. Steady Vision: Tim Wagner Leads the Short North SID into Its Second Decade [COVER APRIL 2010] by Jennifer Hambrick

Waldo's on High Lather, Rinse, REVAMP Waldo's on High gets a new owner - and a makeover [ APRIL 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

WCRS Brings Democracy Now! and Local Voices to the Airwaves A Columbus community radio station broadcast on 102.1 and 98.3 FM. [January 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Warupa, Sydney and Jordan. Mimi the Mermaid and the Pearl Necklace: Columbus Sisters Pen Inspirational Book [May 2010] By Cindy Bent Findlay

Wearstler, Dareen. SEE Better Earth

Weiss, Sharon. Sharon Weiss Follows Her Heart Displays Beautiful Things in Gallery. Sharon Weiss Gallery, 20 East Linicoln St., celebrates its tenth anniversay. [FEBRUARY 2004] by Jeff Link

What The Rock?! Zorro in 2012 Cat Welfare Calendar [DECEMBER 2011]

What the Rock?! Wyatt, Matt. The Bumble Christmas Show at What the Rock?! [JAN/FEB 2015] by Margaret Marten

What the Rock?! 10 Years and Still Rockin' [SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016] by Karen Edwards

Wheeler Dog Park. Dogs of Wheeler Park One of Central Ohio's newest dog parks, and closest to the Shor North. [JUNE 2009] by Karen Edwards

Williams, Harry Jr. Good Morning Vietnam: An American Photographer in the Land of the American War [COVER MARCH 2002] BY Kaizaad Kotwal

Williams, Harry Jr. The Bar with No Name, An Aging Legend: Mike's Grill Gets a Nod in "Lonesome Ash," works by Harry Williams, Jr. [JULY 2003] by Jeff Link

Williams, Matthew. Inspirational Neighbor of the Year Matthew Williams gives his best to Harrison West, by Margaret Marten [JAN/FEB 2016]

Wince, Charles. On Fire: The Art of Charles Wince [COVER MAY/JUNE 2013] by Jory Farr

Women at Play: Katherine Burkman celebrates 10 years of theatrical hard work and play. [NOVEMBER 2002] by Kaizaad Kotwal

WonderDog Society. A Community of Wonder Dogs: Doggy daycare, grooming opens in Weinland Park. [July/August 2017] by Margaret Marten

Wood, Sandy and Mark. An Art-full Vision: How Sandy Wood Helped Changed His World. [COVER OCTOBER 2002] by Cindy Bent

Worthington, Jerry. SEE: Counseling at Goodale Park

Wright, Franz. Franz Wright Poetry Reading South Side Settlement House [APRIL 2007] by Kaizaad Kotwal

Wyatt, Matt. The Bumble Christmas Show at What the Rock?! [JAN/FEB 2015] by Margaret Marten

Yankee Trader. Yankee Trader: Columbus' Best Halloween Haunt [OCTOBER 2007] by Karen Edwards

Yankee Trader Story Part I and II [NOVEMBER 2001] by Christine Hayes

Yoga on High. Yoga on High Turns Five Yoga studio located in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, celebrates five years. [MARCH 2006] by Jennifer Hambrick

Yoga on High. Peace, Love and Weight Loss: Yoga on High program fights flab with body-mind makeover for women [NOVEMBER 2008] by Dennis Fiely

Yoga on High. Family Yoga at Yoga on High [JANUARY 2005] by Karen Edwards

York Masonic Temple Goes Condo As Masons Celebrate 200 Years of Freemasonry in Ohio Joe Armeni of Re/Max City Center Realtors redevelopment at 1276 N. High St. [April 2008] by Jennifer Hambrick

Zanetos, Greg. Cocoa Manor: A Corner With Class [August 2000] by Linda Rose Thornburg

ZenCha Tea Salon. Round The World With ZenCha's New Teas. [FEBRUARY 2005] by Karen Edwards

ZenCha Tea Salon. ZenCha's new world-class brunch The tea salon at 982 N. High St. introduces a new brunch menu. [FEBRUARY 2006] by Karen Edwards

Zeno's. A Long Bar and Restaurant with a Long History [February 2002] by Christine Hayes

Zeta European Emporium SEE: Metsikas, Angelos (1934-2007)


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