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JANUARY/FEBRUARY: Women at the Greystone, by Karen Edwards



NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: Jobs Now and Then, by Joel Knepp

JULY/AUGUST: Rowe Boutique Style, by Karen Edwards

MAY/JUNE: Chris Turner, The Victorian Barber of High Street, by Karen Edwards

APRIL: Encountering W.C. Hemming: The artist, the man, by Karen Edwards

JANUARY/FEBRUARY: Artful Living: After 20 years, the Hammond Harkins Galleries is still relevant, by Karen Edwards



NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: Bob Corkwell: A Portrait of the Artist, by Jory Farr

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: Sidewalk Artists Under Scrutiny, by Cynthia Bent Findlay

JULY/AUGUST: An Artist, a Chinese Junk, and Old Union Station, by Cynthia Rosi



JANUARY/FEBRUARY The Parking Pinch: Initiative Underway to Solve Longstanding Neighborhood Problem, by Cynthia Bent Findlay


DECEMBER Basement Party to High Street Gallery: The Beat Goes On for 83, by Cynthia Rosi


OCTOBER Let's Put on a Show! Sondheim's Follies marks debut of Short North Stage in the Garden Theater, by Karen Edwards

SEPTEMBER: Rebels with Green Thumbs: The Martha Walker Garden Club celebrates 30 years of community service, by Karen Edwards

AUGUST Doo Dah Parade Photos

JULY Green Living: Better Earth Celebrates 20 Years Catering to Environmentally Conscious Customers, by Cyntia Bent Findlay

MAY Keeping Up With Pace: Cycling Legend Ushers TOSRV into its 50th Anniversary, by Cynthia Bent Findlay

APRIL Studios on High: Showcasing artistic diversity for 25 years, by Karen Edwards

MARCH Short North TaverN: 30-year-old bar aging gracefully. Urban experiment evolves into neighborhood epicenter, by Cynthia Bent Findlay

FEBRUARY Kent Rigsby: Master of Makeovers, by Karen Edwards

JANUARY Turning LIves Around for Good: House of Hope opens the door to positive change for recovering addicts, By Cynthia Bent Findlay




March 2008: Lather, Rinse, Revamp: Waldo's on High gets a new owner - and a makeover, by Jennifer Hambrick



June 2008: Smoke Signals: Inside the Life and Outsider Art of Smoky Brown, by Kaizaad Kotwal

July 2008: Just singin' the blues: Short North Bluesman Jack Via keeps his act - and his life - real, by Jennifer Hambrick







July/August 2007 Justin Riley: New music director strikes a happy chord with Short Stop students

June 2007 Vic's Turns Ten! The real lives and wild times of a local watering hole


April 2006 Carlisle's Creatures: California Artist Craig Carlisle Returns To Columbus For His 10th Anniversary Show - by Jennifer Hambrick

March 2006 The Wisdom of the Artist's Way: Patricia's Centre in Victorian Village Awakens The Inner Artist - by Karen Edwards

February 2006 A Noisy Walk Down High Street: The Short North's Vintage Street Signs and the City That Was - and Is - by Jennifer Hambrick

January 2006 Short North Swami: Spiritualist, Artist and Long-time Victorian Village Resident Lynda McClanahan Talks About the Neighborhood Then and Now and the Spirit That Moves - by Jennifer Hambrick


December 2005 Great American Melting Pot: A Walk Through the Past in Italian Village - by Jennifer Hambrick

November 2005 North Market Celebrates 10 Years in Advanced Thresher Warehouse - by Mary Martineau

October 2005 Hello Surly Girls! Surly Girl Saloon Opening in Short North - by Doug Maag

September 2005 Not Business As Usual: New Short North Business Association Executive Director John Angelo Is a Man With a Plan - by Jennifer Hambrick

August 2005

July 2005 Carving Out a New Niche: Memphis Firefighter-turned Woodcarver Edwin Jeffery Jr. Launches his First Solo Show at the Lindsay Gallery. - by Jennifer Hambrick

June 2005: pm gallery turns 25. - by Karen Edwards

May 2005: Renovations Make Short Stop a Million Dollar Beauty. - By Karen Edwards

April 2005: Studio 16 Moving On Up. - by Kaizaad Kotwal

March 2005: Condos Springing Up In the Short North. - by Cindy Bent Findlay

February 2005: 'Round the World with ZenCha's New Teas. - by Karen Edwards

January 2005: Walls That Talk: In the Short North, the Paintings's On The Wall. - by Kaizaad Kotwal


December 2004: The Birth of a Neighborhood. From Humko to Harrison Park. - By Cindy Bent

November 2004: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go! A Look at the Life and Work of Daniel Snouffer. - by Kaizaad Kotwal

October 2004: Happy 20th Anniversary Gallery Hop! Sharing Stories, Memories, and Trivia. - by Karen Edwards

September 2004: Via Colori 2004. Painting the Town. (photo spread)

August 2004: DooDah is Finally Legal. (photo spread) - by Kaizaad Kotwal

July 2004 Playing with God. An Idea Merchant's World of Cartooning and Spirituality. - by Kaizaad Kotwal

June '04: Diamonds are Forever. Under the Direction of Lynne Muskoff, Gallery V Scintillates. - by Elizabeth Ann James

May '04: Not Just For Bird Lovers. Audubon Ohio's New Nature Center. - by Karen Edwards

April '04: Writing in Company, It's a Lot Less Lonely. A Short Look at Nearby Writing Groups. - By Karen Edwards

March 2004: A Carnival of Delight at Riffe Gallery. Something Special for Boomers, Boppers, Elders and Grandkids. - By Elizabeth Ann James

February 2004: Sharon Weiss Follows Her Heart. Displays Beautiful Things in Gallery - By Jeff Link

January 2004: Sarah Mackey: Speaking Volumes. Northside branch librarian receives NYT Librarian Award. - By Karen Edwards


November 2003: Susan O'Dell's Studio 16 Exhibit

October,2003: Jeff Link writes about Magnolia Thunderpussy

September 2003: The Little Theater that Could: Columbus Children's Theatre Celebrates 40 Years, by Karen Edwards

August 2003: Unleash Your Latent Picasso: Take An Art Class, by Karen Edwards

July 2003: Under Construction: What's Behind the Orange Barrels and Yellow Tape, by Cindy Bent

June 2003: Captain Eddie Rickenbacker: Columbus' "Ace" Soared Life's Skies, by Betty Garret Deeds

May 2003: Kent Rigsby: An Expression of Taste, by Cindy Bent

April 2003: Jack Sensenbrenner: A Straw Hat & Spizzerinctum, by Betty Garrett Deeds

March 2003 Willie Wright, Jr. Gives the Short North Youth Chorus a New Voice, by Cindy Bent

February 2003: "Elijah Pierce: Ecclesiastical Artist," by Betty Garrett Deeds

January 2003 : "City of Arches," by Cindy Bent


December 2002 : "Gwynne Rukenbrod: Hired and Inspired," by Cindy Bent

November 2002: "Call It Unconditional Love: A Thousand Hounds," by Elizabeth Ann James

October 2002: "Sandy and Mark Wood Brighten Up the Short North," by Cindy Bent

September 2002: "Taking it to the Streets: Puffin Place," by Michele Spring-Moore

August 2002: "Frankly Speaking: Frank Branhart with Act Out," by Kaizaad Kotwal

July 2002: From Rubbish To Royalty: Deb Roberts, The Queen of Doo Dah

June 2002: Art Spirit within Douglas Fordyce, by Kaizaad Kotwal

May 2002: "Ric Borg," by Elizabeth Ann James

April 2002: "Pink Monsters," by Craig Carlisle

March 2002: "Good Morning Vietnam: Harry Williams, An American Photographer in the Land of the American War," by Kaizaad Kotwal

January 2002: "What Lies Ahead: The Best Years of Pat McKenney's Life," by Kaizaad Kotwal


December 2001: "Rachel Stern - Out of Her Mind: Imag(e)inations," by Elizabeth Ann James

November 2001: "The Haus That Jung Built," by Kaizaad Kotwal

September 2001: "A Failed Eden and a Hopeful Kingdom-the Photo Wizardry of Keith Carter," by Kaizaad Kotwal

June 2001 "Doo Dahs Past and Present," by Maria Galloway

April 2001: "How Soon Is Now? - Linda Howard Stops Waiting and Starts Living," by Kaizaad Kotwal

March 2001: "Going Back to New York City," by Craig Carlisle

January 2001: "W. C. Hemming's Obsession," by Jeff Bell


November 2000: "American Folk Art Comes to Columbus Museum of Art," by Kaizaad Kotwal

October 2000: "William Goldsmith, Columbus Children's Theatre," by Kaizaad Kotwal

September 2000: "The World According to Ron Arps," by Kaizaad Kotwal

April 2000: "Gotta Paint, It's in My Blood, says Harry Wozniak," by Jeff Bell

March 2000: "John Allen, Nuts About the Short North," by Jeff Bell

February 2000: "Photographer Rob Colgan," by Kaizaad Kotwal

January 2000: "Bloom Where You Are Planted," by Craig Carlisle


December 1999: "It's a Beautiful Life - Paul Volker," by Jeff Bell