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Joel Knepp

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Articles by Joel Knepp
Joel Knepp lives in Victorian Village with his wife Lynda McClanahan, an artist.
They performed as the musical duo Nick & Polina for many years in the area.



NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Jobs Now and Then [Cover Story]

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Jobs and Buildings

JULY/AUG 2017 Cool Beans and commentary about Third Avenue sidewalk

MAY/JUN 2017 COTA Moves On

MAR/APR 2017 Farewell, Big Bird

JAN/FEB 2017 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

NOV/DEC 2016 My Vietnamese Underwear

SEPT/OCT 2016 Respect Our Language

JULY/AUG 2016 Gliding into Summer in the Short North

MAY/JUN 2016 Short North Wildlife

MAR/APR 2016 My Hawaiian Shirt

JAN/FEB 2016 A Bridge Too Far

NOV/DEC 2015: Dogs Are Us

SEPT/OCT 2015: Short North Memories: Part Two

JUL/AUG 2015: Short North Memories: Part One

MAY/JUN 2015: The Walking Life: Discover the many rewards

MAR/APR 2015: The Missing Element: We are an incomplete community

JAN/FEB 2015: Be Here Now: A plea for cell-phone sanity

NOV/DEC 2014: Gallery Hop: The Early Years, Nick & Polina entertain throngs of hoppers before being muted by bagpipes

OCTOBER 2014 : Car Alarms: A pox on these loathsome gizmos!

JUL/AUG 2014 : Attack of the Alien Invaders: It happens every year from June through early July

JULY 2011: The Crop That Never Fails

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