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Short North Parking Study
By Margaret Marten

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November/December 2016
Information: Part One

What is the Short North Parking study?
A city-commissioned study on parking problems in the Short North commercial corridor and neighborhoods. The consulting firm Nelson/Nygaard began the study in December 2013. The final report was published in June 2015. Find it at

How many recommendations are in the report?
The report’s “Implementation Plan” consists of three phases with a total of 33 recommendations.

Who is examining the report?
Depending on the recommendation, individuals within various departments of the city of Columbus. A Short North Working Group was set up a few years ago to regularly meet with a city representative to review and comment on guidelines and help develop proposals of action based on the study to present to the neighborhood commissions and the public.

Who is on the Short North Working Group?
Betsy Pandora (Short North Alliance); Jeff Smith (Short North Civic Association); Marc Conte (Victorian Village Commission); Kathy Rhinehart (Victorian Village neighborhood); Mike Navarro (Italian Village Neighborhood); Rex Hagerling (Italian Village Commission); Steve Hurtt (Italian Village Society); Tim Price (Harrison West Society); Kathleen Fox (University Area Commission)

What recommendation are they currently working on?
The development of a Special Parking District. A number of recent actions – parking garages, more metered parking, investment in other modes of transportation – align with the report recommendations, so some areas of the report guidelines have already been implemented.

When will the proposal detailing the Special Parking District be presented to the general public for discussion?
Hopefully, the proposal will be presented to the commissions and the public by the end of 2016 or early next year. Most likely, it will be discussed at neighborhood organization meetings, like the Short North Civic Association and the neighborhood societies.

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