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Steven Mount
The Dude (1957-2017)
by Mz Doo Dah, Deb Roberts
May/June 2017 Issue

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Steve Mount, a former WCMH-TV cameraman and Harrison West resident.

Short North resident Steve Mount, who died March 13, had a personality that drew people to him and people loved to hang with “The Dude.” He did technically live alone with his beloved cat (the original cat man), but there were always people around him.

Back in the ‘80s, Steve lived on 1st Avenue in Victorian Village, then he was the first out of our large group of friends to purchase a house in the neighborhood – in Harrison West on 2nd Avenue to be exact. It was quite funny how Dude, an Indy-Hosier native, dogged us about how he bought Buckeye soil before the rest
of us. "

WCMH-TV is where he worked and eventually retired from, just a few years back. Steve Dude the camera guy, “Mounty,” won awards for his video photography reporting. He’d hang over the edge of the news heli to get “the shot.” Decades of showing up on the scene, sometimes before police or paramedics, Dude saw stuff we never want to. But, he also had some fun stuff to shoot, such as the Doo Dah Parade (the years he wasn’t marching). Mounty shot news stories of the growth of the Short North. He filmed up and down High Street documenting the growth from boarded-up storefronts to now-thriving businesses. Occasionally, you could catch him and Jym Ganahl over in Goodale Park doing a live weather broadcast with the pups frolicking around in the sunshine.

Steve Mount’s personality was like sunshine. You were blessed with good light and energy if Steve (Dude) Mounty was your friend. And, to him, everyone was a potential friend.


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