Columbus, Ohio USA
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Welcome to the Short North!

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©Photo by Gus Brunsman III

Just south of Ohio State University’s sprawling campus, and north of the city’s colorful convention center lies an area where art lovers, dog walkers, shoppers and families of all kinds come to shop, eat, drink – and dream.

After all, the Short North is an area unlike anywhere else in Columbus. The streetscape is different here. It’s witty and fun, sophisticated and urbane. It's art galleries rubbing shoulders with restaurants, boutiques mingling with businesses, and fresh new condos sitting comfortably across from grand old Victorian homes.

Take a walk down High Street, down the dozen blocks or so that comprise the Short North, and you’ll find surprise on every corner – a pocket park here, a new exhibit there – and everywhere the joy of people immersing themselves in the Short North’s spirit.

For it’s spirit that defines the Short North more than geography. It’s a spirit that’s woven tightly into the fabric here – it celebrates art, culture, community, along with all the differences that make each of us unique.

One of the best times to experience this spirit is the first Saturday of every month – that occasion known as Gallery Hop, when the Short North puts on a party for the entire Columbus community.

But whether it’s Gallery Hop, a sunny summer Saturday, or a steel-gray workday in the middle of winter, you know the Short North will reach out to embrace you.

Here, everything seems possible. Here, artists dare to dream. And here, Columbus seems the hippest, happiest, friendliest place on the planet.

What are you waiting for? Come experience the Short North!

LIST OF SHOPS: For a complete list of shops, visit our A to Z Directory

BUSINESS ASSOCIATION WEBSITE: Visit the Short North Business Association Web site at

Purchase the DVD documentary made by WOSU

The story of one of the city’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods includes the tale of the arches, the rise—and abrupt fall—of the Columbus Union Station, an incredible reunion of Civil War soldiers, the circus magnate who mesmerized a town, and the emergence of local festivals and traditions that have become a part of the Short North’s character. It’s a story of how a grassroots movement transforms a run-down, forgotten neighborhood into Columbus’ center for arts and culture.

Bonus material include maps, a slideshow of remarkable buildings and a brief description of their history, a Flytown reunion feature, and a video that shows how you can contribute to the Columbus Neighborhoods website.

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