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End of a Season
By Tom Thomson
November 2010 Issue

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The advent of cool days and frosty nights signals the conclusion of what is probably the least publicized of all concert series – the night music performed by crickets, katydids, cicadas and their friends. It is an ensemble of wide renown, acclaimed by critics for melodies hinting of moonbeams and starlight, compositions sure to soothe jangled nerves.

Those wise in the ways of the heart say these harmonies are perfect background music to share while walking in summer’s soft darkness, preferably with someone of similar inclinations.

Performances occasionally star famous soloists such as the horned owl of fortissimo baritone voice and the screech owl with quavery arpeggio tenor.

Maestros of the string section are crickets with their dependable chirruping. Like virtuosos everywhere, they are loath to play in drafty, poorly heated halls.

So the season draws to a close. Unemployed crickets go into retirement. A brave few, not ready to hand up their bows, seek the warmth and cheer of human habitation. They often prefer cozy spots like a darning basket or wood stacked beside a fireplace.
They strike up a tune or two for old times’ sake. Their cadences go well with firelight, books for winter reading, crisp apples and tucking children into bed.

As chill winds rattle adamant leaves in the blear outside, one gentle host was known to have confided to a tiny emigre, “It’s sure you’re good company, precious little inconvenience and we’re all in this together.”

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