Two Poems

By Rick Klaus Theis


Rick Klaus Theis is the author of Recycled Words, a
180-page book of poetry available from Media Works
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If flowers were always in bloom

And fate was unflinchingly kind:

If showers were invariably brief

And justice eternally blind;


If youth was interminably long

And rivers all ran cool and clear;

If leaders were truthful and wise

And far, far away was quite near;


If all air was exquisitely fresh

And all mountains exceedingly great;

If lovers could not help but be true

And death was habitually late;


If seas knew no state but calm,

And skies were unfailingly blue

And every day was a celebration,

All women would therefore be you.




Being in love is exhilarating

Like jumping a great divide,

But without the security

Of ever reaching the other side.