Sam's Poetry Tree
Baker, Terry: Asleep in the Ruins
Baker, Terry: Three Works
Conable, Barbara: Deep Description
Giller, Sarah: What We Knew Would Come
Gray, Dustin: All These Things
Hamm, G.R.: Two People in an Elevator
Harold, Margaret V.: Hands, and North Market
Hess, Mary C.: Awareness, and Backyard in January
Loutzenhiser, Charlie: Coos Bay
Makosky, Patti: Haiku Quartet
Marten, Margaret: All Mixed Up
Murphy, Janet
Norris, Brian: Question the Hands
Page, Tom: Oh, Mother, Me Oh
Page, Tom: To a High-Rise
Shailja Patel: if we own our bodies we must be able to protect them
Spaith, Rose Ann: Oscarre The Growler
Theis, Rick Klaus: Three Poems
Thomson, Jeanne: Sam's Song
Brian Wiedemann: The clouds are horses today