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St. Francis of Assisi Pasta Dinner Fundraiser 2010

Bringing people and pasta together for the good of humanity

March 2010 Issue

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St. Francis of Assisi in Victorian Village enjoyed a banner year with their annual Pasta Dinner Fundraiser, enabling the parish to feed over 500 families. Additional donations were received throughout the day and used to support Haitian relief efforts and the local Haitian community. A surplus of delicious pasta and freshly baked goods were given to the Holy Family Soup Kitchen. Entertainment and fellowship flowed throughout the afternoon. Thank you to all who were able to attend and contribute!

Soprano Claudia Retter / Grandview Bella Tapper


Arnette Howard and Andy Launer / Therese Terndrup and David Burgess


Marianna Ranalli and Juanita Ciardelli / Kris Slaughter and Bonny Shiplet


Pasta diners / Grandview Jolly Steppers



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