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American Gothic Mural
Bonie Bolen Renovates 2002 Mural in 2010
November 2010 Issue

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Photos © Rick Borgia

Artist Bonie Bolen began restorative work on the American Gothic mural at Lincoln and High in October. The project lasted a couple of weeks. The mural was created by Steve Galgas and Mike Altman in 2002.

The American Gothic mural at Lincoln and High looks picture perfect after a recent paint job. Anti-graffiti coating had been applied to the work after it was completed in 2002 and that substance became a “dirt magnet” giving the farmer and daughter a grimy countenance, while the upper range where no coating had been applied was becoming progressively lighter. The Wood Companies, who own the building, passed the restoration project on to mural artist Bonie Bolen with the blessings of originators Steve Galgas and Mike Altman. When Bolen was asked how she knew the project was finally finished, she said it was a combination of budget and time. “The weather was getting cold and the budget was running out,” she said. “I think for most artists, it’s like ‘Okay, you’re going to have to pull this out of my hand for me to stop working on it,’ because it could always be better. But I’m very happy with where it is, so I was able to walk away comfortably.”



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