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Italian Village Society Complete Streets Implementing Committee

Submitted by Andy Klein
April 2017 Issue

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MEETING MINUTES: January 26 and February 23, 2017 at Seventh Son Brewing Co., 1101 N. Fourth Street

Present: Andy Klein (Chair), Isom Nivins, Christopher Vidoni, Stephanie Harris, Mike Navarro, Doreen Uhas Sauer. Thurs, January 26, 2017, 5:30pm, Seventh Son, 1101 N. Fourth St.

Andy called the Streets Committee to order at 5:32 pm in the front room at the brewery over beer and Butterfingers, asking everyone to introduce themselves and state their priorities for this committee for 2017. Identified priorities included the sidewalk and curb survey, a crosswalk at 3rd and Summit, moving the Milo-Grogan EPA plan forward, completing the parking study implementation, working with other neighborhoods on global issues, advancing green infrastructure, and addressing 4th Street rush hour congestion.

Short North Parking Study Update: Mike reported that the study group met two weeks ago. The outlines of the permit parking plan are taking shape, and show all of IV west of N. 4th Street in the “I” Zone with hourly rates increasing the closer to High Street visitors would park. East of N. 4th St. would be “P” Zone and free to visitors to park. The group hopes to start finalizing the plan by March. Mike believes the original 2014 study is somewhat outdated. Concern that $1.50/hour for the “red” zone closest to High Street is too low to discourage on-street parking in favor of garage parking which is closer to $2.50/hr. 3 hour parking is proposed, with renewals for shorter periods to encourage turnover by visitors. A few grandfathered High Street parking permits for residents will be reviewed, and those 8 or so residents would be given parking on a side street (Lincoln or Russell). Employee parking has been discussed, Betsy at the Short North Alliance has been in contact with Amanda and COTA to discuss extending the hours of operation of the Cbus to encourage employees’ use. SNA studies have found that about 50 percent of employees drive to work in the Short North. Andy expressed his appreciation for Mike’s update.

Sandstone Curbs Update Andy reported Shiloh Todorov of German Village Society provided the following updates today: the new materials committee approved sandstone curbs on December 19, and now James Young of Public Service is working on a draft policy statement to address such issues as use on straightaways (vs. curves and ramps) and timing of replacements. The policy statement will be reviewed by the city and then interested parties before implementation. The city also expressed its intent that individual neighborhoods take responsibility for the curb surveys necessary to determine sandstone replacement locations. Andy noted that IV has been working almost a year to get a survey completed without success.

Utilities Easement Issues Shiloh noted that in response to utilities (i.e. cable and Internet providers) running amok installing obtrusive boxes in historic districts, the city will implement a tweak to the permitting process requiring a signature from neighborhood organizations be obtained before installation of these devices, and that photos of the devices be provided to adjoining owners and occupants prior to issuing a permit to install.

I-670 Exit onto N. 4th Street Andy reported that Stephanie had arranged a meeting with Jason Sudy to review ODOT’s 2010 study of options to redesign the I-670 westbound exit onto N. 4th Street. He reviewed the options, noting that creating a T-intersection with N. 4th created unacceptable backup problems on the highway, and that the only feasible (and cost effective) alternative was removal of the current exit and improvement of the exit onto Convention Center Drive. We noted that St. John’s Church, Wagenbrenner and Lykens developers should be consulted on their opinion of the matter, and that an economic impact studying the benefit of such a plan would be appropriate and might be paid for by the affected developers.

Third and Summit Crosswalk Stephanie reported that the city conducted an on site survey in August, 2016 which did not support the need for a crosswalk. While the city’s policy is to wait 3 years between surveys, they agreed to do another on-site survey in the spring due to multiple calls to 311 and an inquiry from Amanda Ford.

Eden Alley Improvements Stephanie reported that she attended an on-site meeting with Amanda Ford and interested parties last month, and problems with trash removal, deliveries, potholes, standing water, and utility repairs were identified. The city will mediate and get back to us.

Brickel Alley Vehicular Access Betsy Pandora responded by email that she would follow up with the the city on its plan to close Brickel to vehicles.

UIRF Update Andy reported that the city’s asked to meet with us to discuss the status of UIRF improvements, and Andy requested they attend the February meeting but has not gotten a response. Isom agreed to contact Milo-Grogan to encourage their attendance, and Andy agreed to update and include Weinland Park residents as well.

2017 Priorities Andy asked the attendees to review a handout of Streets Committee topics over the last 3 years (attached) and to prioritize initiatives for 2017 at the February meeting. • Meeting Adjourned at 6:28 pm.

Present: Andy Klein (Chair), Stephanie Harris, Mike Navarro, Mark Dravillas, Christopher Lohr, Susan DeLay, Robert Barksdale, Carl Lee, Ellen Moss Williams, Brenda Johnson-Williams. Thurs, February 23, 2017, 5:30pm, Seventh Son, 1101 N. Fourth St.
Andy called the Streets Committee to order at 5:36 pm in the back room at the brewery, asking everyone to introduce themselves, give their affiliation and, on the occasion of the mayor’s State of the City address, tell us their hope for what the mayor would prioritize for the city tonight. Identified priorities included connectivity, the urban core neighborhoods, public education, bringing private money into the city, coordination between public and private redevelopment, crime patrol, spreading the redevelopment, inter-city trains, and increasing safety through public investment in infrastructure.

UIRF Update Andy welcomed those present from Italian Village (IV), Weinland Park (WP) and Godman Guild, and noted especially the strong representation from Milo-Grogan (Milo), and the presence of the 3 city representatives here to discuss the Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund (UIRF) process and the allocations for our respective neighborhoods. Lists of approved projects for IV, University including WP, and Milo were distributed. See Mark noted that UIRF reaches the quarter century mark this year, and has transitioned from grant driven to planning department led outreach and, since it's no longer weighted towards those neighborhoods with more developed grant writing skills, a more equitable allocation to all the pre-1950 neighborhoods. The UIRF staff has expanded to six planners and two engineers in addition to Susan, who started the program as its only staffer. The city has built the program over the years with additional funding, currently allocating $7 million/year for these roadway, street lighting and parks improvements to the pre 1950’s neighborhoods. Christopher led the discussion of the specific IV projects, noting that Brickel and Hull sidewalks have been abandoned due to lack of space. Andy noted that the city’s discussing restricting vehicles on Brickel so the scope of work may change if that happens. Mark reported that the sidewalks on N. 6th Street and E. Fourth Avenue are on hold, because Christopher noted that pending developments at those locations will include sidewalks at the developers’ expense. Andy suggested that the same would apply to redevelopment along E. Fifth Avenue in both WP and IV as affects street lighting. Susan noted that the city is bundling the smaller sidewalk projects for bidding at one time to lower cost, and those will include Hamlet and Kerr. Stephanie updated us on the IV Pavilion project, which has been allocated $250,000, noting the IV Commission approved final design earlier this week. Stephanie noted this is a public private partnership with the Wood Companies, thanked Susan for her participation at every step in the process, and noted that the pavilion’s construction will follow completion and occupancy of the residential tower to be built at the west edge of the park.

Mike asked what happens to $ for IV allocated for abandoned projects, Mark noted that they’ve developed a form and will work with IVS on the process. He assured the group that the funds will remain designated for IV purposes. Andy asked about previously discussed projects in coordination with WP and Milo, the city will continue to discuss those items, that is the decorative lighting planned on E. Fifth Avenue and the improvements planned for E. Second Avenue in IV and Milo. Andy noted that the city had been cool to the very aspirational EPA plan for E. Second Avenue when we discussed UIRF last year, Mark responded that the city has warmed up to the plan and the updated UIRF plan endorsed by the Milo commission includes funds for determining right of way and and scope of services for reconstruction of E. Second Avenue between St. Clair and Sixth with the understanding that additional funding will be sought to implement the EPA plan’s vision. Andy asked if the railroad overpass was an issue, Susan indicated that the city would attempt to work with the railroad (CSX) but historically it has been an issue. Robert noted he had worked successfully with ODOT to rebuild the wood sound wall east of I-71 to modern standards and to incorporate the Milo logo. Andy asked about the timing of the E. Second Avenue improvements, Mark indicated it was a work in progress, and suggested we schedule an appearance six months out at an IVS general meeting to review the IV UIRF plan. Andy agreed but noted we should prepare by using earlier meetings to familiarize IVS with the Milo plan for E. Second Avenue and the WP Mobility plan.

Short North Parking Study Update Mike reported that the study group met last week and reviewed the pilot residential permit parking zones. Two upcoming public forums will be held in the next month, one for IV and WP and one for Victorian Village and Harrison West. The parking committee will meet monthly until the plan is in place, the city is having internal meetings in advance of the public forum, with the pilot program then going to city council for implementation. Right now, no permits will be issued for High Street, Goodale, Poplar or the streets east of N. Fourth Street and south of E. First Avenue (the Jeffrey). The rest of the neighborhood is divided into 3 permit zones. Zone “C” covers the eastern part of IV from the east side of N. Fourth Street between E. First and E. Fifth Avenues. Non-residents could park in Zone C for free. Zones “B” and “A” extend west from the west side of N. Fourth Street and cover north and south of E. Second Avenue, respectively. Paid parking for non-residents would be required only west of Summit in Zones “B” and “A”. WP gets its own permit zone between E. Fifth and E. Seventh Avenues, with free parking for non-residents east of Summit. Rates for on-street parking for non-residents is still under discussion, as are time limits (3 hour?) and renewal policies (one 2 hr renewal?) Permits for residents would cost $50 annually with reduced rates for seniors and a limit of 2 permits per household. Visitor permits would be available to permit holders for additional fees. Businesses would have a different fee structure and be limited to 2 permits per business. A limited number of kiosks are planned, and “pay by cell” technology will avoid the visual pollution of installing individual meters. Supportive parking programs are also under discussion to encourage use of public transit and the garages such as a visitor validation programs, and address employee parking. Details of the whole pilot plan will be circulated in advance of the public meetings, likely to be held at Goodale Shelter house. • Meeting Adjourned at 6:47 pm.

These minutes, as well as those of the IVS general meetings, are available online in PDF format at


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