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Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration
Photos © Gus Brunsman III
September 2010 Issue

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Fourteen people attended the Hiroshima-Nagasaki 65th Anniversary Commemoration at Battelle Memorial Riverfront Park this year. The gathering has been held annually in Columbus since 1976, when the late Eleanor Ackley, a United Nations Association member, began the tradition under the direction of the Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration Task Force of the UNA. Mark Stansbery, president of the Columbus Campaign for Arms Control (CCAC) continues to organize the annual event for those wishing to commemorate the atomic bombings and its victims. The time also serves to reinforce everyone’s commitment to the future for peacemaking, envisioning a world without nuclear weapons.

(left) Mark Stansbery, president of the Columbus Campaign for Arms Control (CCAC) led the evening’s activities.
A handful of peace activists drawn together at dusk (center).
(right) Yoshi Furuhashi delivered an emotional appeal that this never happen again.

Judy Johnson (left) reads President Truman’s 1945 speech as Janet McLaughlin looks on.
A Smithsonian Institute display that was rejected after political debates. The photos depict the devastation from the bombing. One panel demonstrates what would occur if the 1945 bomb were to be detonated over Manhattan.
Bob Fitrakis, fervent Free Press publisher, stresses the importance of reclaiming history by speaking the truth.

Les Stansbery, retired Presbyterian pastor and member of CCAC, reflects on past commemorations, including founder Eleanor Ackley’s contributions as a peace activist.

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