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May/June 2017

Painting by Sally Tharp included in Brandt-Robert Galleries show “From the Market,” a contemporary view of the historic tradition of food artwork.

BRANDT-ROBERTS GALLERIES, 642 N. High St., 614-223-1655. Hours: T-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4. MAY: From the Market: Four Artist Exhibition: features the work of four gallery artists: Brooke Olivares-Caloiaro, Richard Lilliash, Sally Tharp, and Jason Morgan. Each artist will show a contemporary view of the long and historic tradition of portraying food in artwork. This exhibition will focus on the foods these artists gather from their local fresh markets. Their subjects will appear in many forms, from growth, to harvest, to preparation, to consumption. Foodscapes in art faded in the early 20th century. However, platforms like Instagram allow individuals to share images of their food tableaus in a romanticized light, not dissimilar to the grandiose Dutch still-lifes 15th century. This exhibit aims to contemporize the food painting with these new outlets in mind. JUN: Featuring new work from contemporary artists and historic estates, as well as unveiling a new work by Columbus artist Christopher Burk, which will also be on view in the Six in the Short North: Short North Temporary Mural Series. Visit

*COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART, 480 E. Broad St., 614-221-6801. Regular Hours: T-W, Th 10-8:30, Shakespeare in Prague: Imagining the Bard in the Heart of Europe (Through MAY 21). Explores the myriad ways stage design in central Europe adapted William Shakespeare’s plays. A Dangerous Woman: Subversion and Surrealism in the Art of Honoré Sharrer (Through MAY 21) The first major assessment of the artist since mid-century. Some 45 paintings, associated sketches, prints, photographs, and ephemera. Honoré Sharrer (1920 – 2009) was a major art figure in the years surrounding World War II. She was, in many ways, a rebel, whose paintings marked covert but unflinching resistance to the oppressive political and social conventions of the Cold War era. Bodies @ Work: The Art of Ruben and Isabel Toledo (Through JUN 18), reveals the creative collaboration of fashion designer Isabel Toledo and artist Ruben Toledo. The artists transform the Geraldine Schottenstein Gallery into an evocative installation that tells the story of their lifelong partnership in art, design and life which springs from the complex interplay of two individuals, two aesthetics and the push and pull of their distinctive, yet complementary visions and energy. The Ohio Plein Air Society Show: (Through JUN 18) celebrates the plein air tradition with a juried group of works painted outdoors in the true spirit of plein air painting. More than 90 paintings from 62 plein air artists are included. OPAS welcomes and supports artists of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. Members come from nearly every county in Ohio, and from each of the surrounding states. On View March 17, 2017 – July 2, 2017. Allan Sekula: Aerospace Folktales and Other Stories (Through JUL 2) explores the critical work of the American-artist Allan Sekula. A pivotal figure in contemporary art from the early ‘70s until his untimely death in 2013, Sekula continuously questioned the function of the documentary genre and the consequences of global capitalism through his writings, photographic installations, videos, and films. At the core of the show is the artist’s first major work, Aerospace Folktales (1973), an installation that has not been exhibited since the 1970s, and was acquired by the Museum in 2015. Aerospace Folktales consists of 142 photographs, a written “commentary,” and four audio interviews that investigate the artist’s own class situation and familial circumstance.The exhibition features a selection of seminal works from Sekula’s multi-faceted practice between 1972 and 2012, including work he made while based in Columbus during the early 1980s. MOTION (MAY/JUN) Things are moving all around us. Although most works of art are static, they reveal a dynamic world. Artists use different techniques to suggest movement such as a quick stroke of a brush or stop motion animation. Located in the JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity, MOTION brings together a variety of works that depict movement. A painting by Claude Monet captures the rush of wind through trees. A Harold Edgerton photograph freezes the blast of a bullet through a banana. A mobile by Alexander Calder spins with a gust of air. Consider the many aspects of movement - what it looks like and feels like – in this action-packed exhibition. While in MOTION, work with others to build a large mobile, draw a moving image, or join in the body movement challenge and post it on social media. Visit

ELEVATOR BREWING CO. 13TH FLOOR TAPROOM, 165 N. Fourth St. One-day Pop-up gallery show during GALLERY HOP from 5 to 7pm.

HAMMOND HARKINS GALLERIES, 641 N. High St. 614-238-3000. Gallery Hours: T-Sat 10-6, Sun 1-5. MAY: Discerning Patterns: works by Carol Stewart and Janice Lessman-Moss. A classic genre and ancient medium come together in this exhibition of contemporary works. Informed by painting’s history, Stewart’s still lifes have rich colors and flattened spaces, while Lessman-Moss uses digital technology and computerized looms to design and weave fabric works. Please join us for this vibrant collaboration between two Ohio artists where tradition and the everyday get a contemporary spin. JUN - JUL 9: Far Resolutions: New works by Andrew Hendrixson and Logan Marconi. Gallery Talk with artists: Thurs., JUN 1, 6:30 – 7:30 pm. Opening Reception: Friday, JUN 2 5 – 8 pm. Titled after a poem by A. R. Ammons, Far Resolutions includes new works by Andrew Hendrixson from Cincinnati and Logan Marconi from Gainesville, FL. Hendrixson, a graduate student at Yale University studying art, religion and philosophy, combines stitching with painting. Thematically literary and poetically resonant, his work addresses tensions inherent in words, lived-experience, and the everyday. Through the accumulation of hand-stitched fabrics, the artist’s work makes visible the abstraction of time and elevates the ordinary through the intentionality of art making. Marconi’s medium is painting. He explores the expressive potential of landscape and the elements. With carefully selected colors and subtle abstract elements, Marconi’s landscapes are at once expansive and ritualistically intimate. His imagery is both mysterious and archetypical. Formally beautiful, the artists’ works serve as counterpoints to one another while sharing a conceptual foundation that is distant and familiar at once. Visit

JOSEPH EDITIONS, 17 W. Russell St., 614-280-4223. Hours: T-F 12-6p, Sat 12-5p. MAY/JUN: New prints by Pamela Jorden. Born 1969, Knoxville, Tennessee, Jorden lives and works in Los Angeles. Her approach is alternately casual and studied, drawing on a long history of abstract painting styles. She creates compositions with fascinating imbalances that hold a viewer’s attention for the very reason that Jorden is such a masterful painter – there is as much energy and tactility in her translation of the monochrome as there is in her bursts of gestural abstraction. Visit

JUNG ASSOCIATION GALLERY, 59 W 3rd Ave., 614-291-8050. T-Sat 11-2 (call first) or appt. Through JUN 24: Art Talks Back exhibits a journey that began two years ago for Karen Rush Jones following the death of her husband. After 35 years of a shared life of art with her husband, both art therapists, Karen’s visual art and poetry emerged as companions, consoling along the path. “Pictures can speak when asked and do not always give a message wanted,” Karen explains about her art. A lifelong painter and art therapist, she expresses her conversation with art through line, shape and color, oils, acrylics and mixed media. She received her BFA from the University of Tennessee in 1992 and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California in 1996. Visit

LINDSAY GALLERY, 986 N High St, 614-291-1973. W-Sat 12-6, appt. MAY: Troy Stith refers to his oil paintings as subconscious self-portraits. He works spontaneously, trusting his instincts to reach an “artistic meditative state.” The show will include a series of Stith’s monotype prints that embrace the storytelling power of the unleashed mind and its connection to myth and nature. Stith is a self-taught artist and Columbus native, this is his first solo show at Lindsay Gallery. JUN/JUL: Big show of the year, Joey Monsoon. Monsoon returns with a series of portraits, refocused both in scale and subject. His signature figures gaze out from his paintings engaging the viewer with new dynamism. Their assertive eyes shift the paradigm of viewer and subject. The relationship is now more mutual and it is Monsoon's hope that the viewer feels this returned gaze and in turn absorbs the strength of the figures he depicts. The imperfections of his subjects are made material in the painterly marks upon their faces and chests. Subtle shifts in color, tone, and line are signifiers of an artist who relishes the material of his craft. By embracing the imperfect, he reveals what truly makes us human. In his own words: "These paintings, and the practice of painting in general, teach me about struggle and triumph. Each painting is a microcosm of discipline and experimentation, self-doubt and self-confidence, frustration and elation." Opening reception Fri., June 2, 6-9pm. Monsoon paints flesh that tells the story of what it means to live a life.

MARCIA EVANS GALLERY, 8 East Lincoln St, 614-298-8847. T-Sat 11-5, occasional Sundays and by appointment. MAY: New environmental abstract works by Annette Poitau. Show runs through May 30. JUN-AUG: Summer Show of Abstracts: Juan Carrera, Doug Frohman, Michael Halliday, Steve Kropp, Jesse Mireles, Kate Morgan, Annette Poitau, Judy Romanello. Unique variety of oil, acrylic and mixed medium abstracts in all sizes throughout the summer featuring two new artists, Doug Frohman and Jesse Mireles. Opening Fri., June 2, 5:30 to 8:30.

*OHIO CRAFT MUSEUM, 1665 W. 5th Ave., 614-486-4402. M-F 10-5, Sat-Sun 1-4. MAY 7 - JUN 18: Ohio Designer Craftsmen’s 34th annual juried exhibition of 70 works in clay, glass, wood, metal, fiber and mixed media by 51 artists. Juried by Bill Griffith, ceramics artist, educator, administrator, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg. The exhibition opens with a reception honoring award winners on May 7 at the Ohio Craft Museum from 1 to 4 p.m. Visit

*OHIO ARTS COUNCIL’S RIFFE GALLERY, State and High downtown, 614-644-9624. M - W and F 10-6, Th 10-8, Sat 11-4, closed Sun. MAY 4 - JUL 8: AFTER HOURS: ARTWORK BY STATE OF OHIO EMPLOYEES: Inspired by the gallery's 1989 exhibition showcasing the work of Vern Riffe Center employees, the 2017 exhibition features artwork by 43 state employees across Ohio. Photography, sculpture, textiles, and painting highlight the diversity of state of Ohio employees’ artistic voices. Family and Friends Playshop with Cyrus Fire Sat., May 13, 2 – 4 p.m. Writing Workshop with Chris Shaw Swanson Thurs, June 1, 5:30 - 8 p.m. Tackling the Ten-Minute Play, tips on creating your short story and getting it on stage. Register at from April 27 – May 30. DAYTIME DROP-IN WORKSHOPS: Everyone is welcome. Embroidery with Amanda Knapp Fri., May 19, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Compose a work of art using thread as your medium. Polymer Clay Sculptures with Dana Lynn Harper Thurs., May 25, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Create a colorful succulent garden or an underwater coral seascape. Beading with Jennifer Whitten Thurs., June 1, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Learn bead embroidery techniques to create a tiny wearable work of arts.

PIZZUTI COLLECTION, 632 N. Park St., 614-280-4004. Hrs: F-Sat 11-5. Visions from India: Transforming Vision: 21st century art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti; The Progressive Master: Francis Newton Souza from the Rajadhyaksha Collection (Through OCT) A celebration of India full of color, innovation, and delight. Large-scale installations, lush colorful paintings, video works, and conceptual room-size sculptures from the 21st century that will enchant audiences. Accompanying retrospective of Francis Newton Souza will present one of the most important 20th century Indian painters. The two exhibitions will showcase two Columbus-based collections, offering an unprecedented look at modern and contemporary art from India. Kanishka Raja Artist Talk on Thurs, MAY 25 at 7 p.m. The Pizzuti Collection is a non-profit exhibition space presenting contemporary art from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti. Visit:

PM GALLERY, 1190 N High St, 614-299-0860. MAY: From the Collection, works from the art collection of Nancy Haitz and Ronald Fauver. JUN: Selected works from Vicki Moon Spiegel. The gallery offers work of over 300 North American artisans and artists: Blown glass, pottery for daily use or decoration, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, wooden boxes and cutting boards, bell, chimes, outdoor whimsies – all made by hand in the U.S. or Canada. Visit

RIVET GALLERY, 1200 N. High St., 614-294-8697. T-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5. MAY/JUN:.

ROY G BIV GALLERY for Emerging Artists, a non-profit gallery located at 997 N High, 614-297-7694. MAY: Work by Nayeon Yang and Sa’dia Rehman. Nayeon Yang will use live-feed video and projection to fill the gallery with ethereal iterations of its visitors creating an interactive environment where images of visitors are rearranged and multiplied and individuality becomes manifold. The result is an immersive, de-centering, and nearly out-of body experience. Sa’dia Rehman’s multidisciplinary practice pulls from her collection of family photos, ritual objects, English and Urdu text. She uses an array of mark-making techniques, stencils and collage to discuss the broader implications of language and perception as well as her experience growing up in a Muslim household in America, where being perceived as “other” foiled the familiarity of home. Rehman will also screen the video series Ethnographer/Photographer, documenting her interactions with passerby as she asks them to take a photo of her. JUN: Work by Jaye Schlesinger and Katherine Cunningham. The ROY G BIV artists talks are held mid-month - check FB. Founded in 1989, ROY G BIV is known for showcasing innovative contemporary art by emerging artists from around the world. Visit

SEAN CHRISTOPHER GALLERY OHIO, 815 N High St, Ste H&N, 614-327-1344. 1st Sat. 6-10. Reg. Hrs: Sat 1:30-3:30, W-F 3:30-5:30, and M-Sun by appt. MAY: Gallery Closed. JUN: Tyler Bohm: Technorama. Artist statement: “My work speculates on the imminent, drawing on science fiction narratives and past eras' visions of the future. It explores themes such as technophilia and technophobia, how we understand and relate to emerging artificial intelligences, and how we maintain a sense of normalcy in the face of rapid technological change. These thematic interests dovetail with my process. I am interested in the role and potential of digital and fabrication technologies, and have adopted tools such as graphics software and a laser cutter to translate digital designs into physical objects which I paint and assemble by hand.”

SHARON WEISS GALLERY, 20 E Lincoln St, 614-291-5683 or 614-252-5137. Open Th 12-4, F-Sat
12-5, Sun 1-4. MAY: New works by Nathaniel Underwood. JUN: Fresh Air, skyscapes by Steven S. Walker. His statement: “During times that are unsure and uneasy, I thought the best approach for this exhibition would be one of ease and peace. With so many of us buried in our work and phones, it's necessary to take time and look to tranquility. This led me to one of my favorite subjects, skyscapes. The vast nature of an aerial view from a plane can be utterly breathtaking if you stop to look. The same can be said for a soft sunrise on a partly cloudy day. Please take time for some fresh air. Visit

SHERRIE GALLERIE, 694 N High St, 614-221-8580. T-F 11-6; Sat 11-5; Sun 1-5. MAY: Internationally acclaimed artist Joe Bova fills the gallery with his whimsical and inquisitive works in clay. “Animal imagery is the enduring subject of my art, and it is often intertwined with social and political commentary, eroticism, and humor. While I am interested in form and the vitality of expression, decoration, for its own sake, has never interested me. I look to the masterworks of the past for inspiration, particularly the Moche of Peru, Han Chinese, African Art, early Mediterranean ceramics, and lately, the powerful artistry of the Native Americans of the Southwest. ” – Joe Bova JUN 4 - JUL 9: Three Masters in Porcelain: Curtis Benzle, Thomas Hoadley, Jennifer McCurdy. Curtis Benzle is represented in major museums and collections around the world, including the Smithsonian, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the White House Collection. His signature works are translucent, porcelain sculptural vessels. Hoadley’s colored porcelain art pottery, made with the Japanese technique of Nerikomi, is included in the collections of many public museums. McCurdy writes, “I marry the fine porcelain with the ancient art of gilding. The 23-carat gold leaf illumines the interior of the vessel to reveal new curves and patterns. I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it conveys the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express. After throwing my vessel on the potter's wheel, I alter the form to set up a movement of soft shadow. When the porcelain is leather hard, I carve patterns to add energy and counterpoint. I fire my work to cone 10, where the porcelain becomes non-porous and translucent. Visit the gallery website at

SHORT NORTH TAVERN, 674 N High St, 614-221-2432. MAY/JUN: Mixed Media by Randy Bennett

STUDIOS ON HIGH, 686 N High St, 614-461-6487. Daily 12-6, Sun 1-6. MAY 15 - JUN 19: A Gilded Garden: Mixed media exhibition by artist Deb Davis-Lavaich. Bead mosaics, assemblages and bronze works in which Davis-Livaich invites viewers to see garden blooms in a new way. Her works are carefully constructed mosaics and assemblages that transform reclaimed wood, twigs and beads into leaves and flowers- all in a glittering garden. Artist reception May 21, 1-3pm. JUN 21 - JUL 26 - Fusion of Earth’s Elements, Teda Theis.

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