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Friends of Goodale Park ComFest Booth
Features Woodcarver Devon Palmer
by Pat Lewis

August 2008 Issue

Friends of Goodale Park ComFest booth: Devon Palmer, artist (standing in back of the tent), to his left Andy Klein, right Rick Frantz and Karl Gillespie. Photo/Chris Gillespie

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In late 2007, the Short North Gazette ran an article about a woodcarver who discovered a dead hawthorn tree in Goodale Park. He noticed the wonderful burls and dreamed of turning the dead tree into art. Devon Palmer first checked with the Friends of Goodale Park who directed him to Jack Low, city forester, Columbus Recreation and Parks. Initially Jack was reluctant to set a precedent regarding giving park objects to citizens, but when Devon told him all proceeds from the sale of his carvings would be donated to enhancing Goodale Park, Low agreed. The tree was harvested and Palmer set to work in his studio making bowls, vases, pens, and various other art objects. The first few pieces were in the silent auction during the Friends of Goodale Park Annual Holiday Gala held at the Harrison West Community Center last December. Additional carvings were sold in June during ComFest in Goodale Park. Proceeds are approaching $3000 and Devon is still carving. So far, the tree has yielded over 200 art objects and the Friends of Goodale Park are delighted with the results. Available pieces can be viewed and purchased at

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