Columbus, Ohio USA
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Dennis Fiely

November 2008 - November 2009

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Articles by Dennis Fiely

NOVEMBER 2009: Buried Treasures: Abbott's Emporium excavates art, history from pages of vintage magazines

SEPTEMBER 2009: High Street Through The Ages: Lifelong Victorian Village resident Lynda Mahaffey stays put during decades of change

AUGUST 2009: The Greatest Showoffs on Earth: Flu, flies and funny hats helped '09 Doo Dah Parade march into new era

JUNE 2009: COVER STORY - Bicycle Built For Tunes: Always on the move, the Piano Peddler provides the soundtrack for city life

MAY 2009: All Over The Place: Diana Lessner lends talent and energy to neighborhood restaurants, retail and parks

FEBRUARY 2009: COVER STORY - Joe Spinelli: Serving Subs and Salads with a Side of Heart

DECEMBER 2008: Car Repair with a Difference: After 25 years, Alternative Auto Care continues on a road less traveled

NOVEMBER 2008: COVER STORY - Joe Theibert: A Great American: The Pied Piper of the early Short North remains a neighborhood mainstay after 25 years of change

NOVEMBER 2008: Peace, Love and Weight Loss: Yoga on High program fights flab with body-mind makeover for women

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