Columbus, Ohio USA
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Doo Dah Parade 2008
© Photos and Captions by Kaizaad Kotwal

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You mean there's actually another kind of hippie?

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The Doo Dah Queen and King: You know your royalty is getting old when the scepter becomes a walking stick!

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A live (and all to literal) demonstration of R. Kelly's Hip Hop sensation "Junk In Your Trunk."

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An expert baton twirler: In and out of the bedroom.

IMG_2947 copy

The trouble with signage ambiguity: Do you two hate the current President or are you vehemently professing your heterosexuality?

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DaVinci's Code: "When I painted her in the 1500s my dream of being endlessly reproduced on crap made in China remained hopelessly unfulfilled."

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"Hello! PETA? You need to get here double-quick. Slam my owner's ass in your jail. I'm being tortured by standing in the rain for hours watching humans being idiotic!"

IMG_2950 copy

No Shit, Sherlock!

IMG_2951 copy

Rain-related precautionary overkill.

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If you're going to flatten Santa and Mrs. Claus in a hit-and-run, at least remove the evidence before you parade your vehicle at Doo Dah.

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Because impeachment just seems so passé, so yesterday!

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Lady! It's the 4th of July. You're either with us or against us.

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His playing was so bad, it was literally a hair-raising experience.

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It's nice to see humans making other humans do stupid tricks for a change!

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When we send the tomatoes to Guantanamo they won't be the only vegetables there!

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Grand Marshall Buck Rinehart: Not Driving Under the Influence anymore - just Riding Under the Influence.

IMG_3085 copy

A lovely metaphor. Look how even the Liberty Bell has shrunk in the last eight years!

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Commercial product placement even at Doo Dah: The Gospel According to Gillette.

IMG_2988 copy

Or sending them your outfit would have just as devastating an effect - as bombing them, that is.

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With all this rain I hope you rust-proofed your tittie-wear!

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Amen! 'Cause it's been silenced far too long!

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Take your pipe dream elsewhere, sailor! This is America under Bush-Cheney.

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This is just absurd. What's a historical relic, not in use for eons, doing in a fun, whimsical parade like this?

IMG_2999 copy

Both are exorbitant these days. Both in short supply.

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I can get into deep shit for burning the flag but he can wrap his naughty bits in it?

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The Olsen twins out for a ride.

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Just like they ended poverty and won the war on drugs!

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IMG_3011 copy

Those Freudian dangling chads were controversial enough. Now they'll be all sticky to boot!

IMG_3012 copy

Count votes? Puh-lease! That would mean we lived in a democracy!

IMG_3015 copy

As though karaoke wasn't annoying enough in bars, he had to go bring it out into the streets.

IMG_3021 copy

This is what happens when the post office doesn't deliver holiday memos on time.

IMG_3022 copy

Amy Winehouse loses her bee-hive hairdo!

IMG_3024 copy

Sir, usually men name their privates with more flattering monikers.

IMG_3026 copy

What she said to her husband: "If you wear that, maybe we'd get our bedroom mojo back!"

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Do we really need another 4-8 years with a guy who plays with his balls for a living?

IMG_3032 copy

In a bad economy they'll ask for tips just for marching past you in the parade!

IMG_3034 copy

Is that like the Rush Limbaugh fact-checking department?

IMG_3043 copy

Hey, Stupid! This is a parade for progressives and liberals!!!

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Saturday Night Live's Ambiguously Gay Duo in the Short North where there ain't nothing ambiguous about the gays.

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If the economy goes any further south, they'll have to add a 'D' to the end of this banner.

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Really? Then why did this parade go on and on for hours in the pouring rain?

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And now ladies and gentlemen, a very literate drug addict.

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"If you don't stop taking photos of me, I'm gonna kick your prying ass all the way to Krypton!"

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Geesh! Stop being such exhibitionists!

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Somewhere in Upper Arlington a patio table was getting drenched!

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Not for any lack of the U.S. Government trying desperately!

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But then we'd know your religion!

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TBDBITL: The best DAMNED band in the land!

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.... and too smart!

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Sky-rocketing crime. Rising unemployment. Record foreclosures. No wonder Mayor Coleman had to launch a new face-saving initiative.

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How about f'ing 4 peace and bombing all these self-righteous virginity proponents!