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Betty Garrett Deeds

Betty Garrett Deeds is a former reporter for the Columbus Citizen-Journal and author of Columbus: America’s Crossroads. She can be reached at

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Articles by Betty Garrett Deeds

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013: A Sobering Experience (reprint of July 2003)

JULY/AUGUST 2013: Grade School By Day ... Barfly By Night (reprint of June 2003)

MAY 2012: Airheads and Klutzes Anonymous (reprint of August 2002)

DECEMBER 2011: Bye Bye Snowbird (reprint of February 2003)

OCTOBER 2011: Appalachian Ancestry (reprint of March 2003)

AUGUST 2011: Dr. Atkins' W-h-a-t?? Just pass the vittles, please! (reprint of January 2004)

APRIL 2011: Jesse Stuart: A Ploughman and a Poet (reprint of December 2003)

NOVEMBER 2010 : Kids and Trees (reprint of December 2002)

FEBRUARY 2003 Elijah Pierce: Ecclesiastical Artist (Cover Story)

APRIL 2003 Jack Sensenbrenner: A Straw Hat and Spizzerinctum (Cover Story)

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