By Charlie Loutzenhiser


Zen gulch in a windstorm

on the California coast

Jack Roberts working on the car

getting those gears 'til they sang up the northern coast

and Jack had tuned it just right

until we reached Eureka


Over there or where

we tumbled

our race for grace

or so we thought


the railroads lead nowhere

the highways everywhere


Bright city lights

in the daylight of an Oregon sky

Coos Bay


Never thought I saw as sad a face

as you wore that morning in Coos bay

you thought you were there

and Jane she just walked away


Splendor and all

you slept

tired and all

as the railroad cars rolled over trestles in the night


Don't sleep too much my friend

don't let it numb you

It's just the Chardoney

at this hour

that makes us feel this way


Or is it the Zen gulch

or the maintenance that we need

or just Jane in the mist of Coos Bay

and Jack Roberts retuning the gears


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