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Welcome to one of the fun spots of the U.S.
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Jobs Now and Then
Industry in and around the Short North Mostly Memories
by Joel Knepp

Dis 'N' Data
Openings: Hai Poké, Service Bar, The Angry Baker Cakes & Pastries, The Bitter Barista, Little Ghost Roasters, Madison-USA . Coming Attractions: 160over90, DGD Group, Belgian Iron Wafel Co., Thread, Babalu Tapas & Tacos, Junction Cookhouse and Bar, Cameron Mitchell restaurants • BrewDog • Mikey's Late Night Slice • Candle Lab. Departures: Le Chocoholique, Grandview Mercantile

Neighborhood News/Events (Select Writeups)
ComFest Grants, Applications, and Meeting Dates; The Magpie Consort; Women's Chorus; Italian Village Society Potluck and Election

Fall bows out with simplicity
by Tom Thomson

New Short North School
Gifted Academy a welcome addition to the neighborhood
by Margaret Marten

Church Leader Richard W. Morris (1932-2017)
First Brethren Church Closes
by Margaret Marten

Secrets of Swinging Singles
humor by Eric Broder

Madison-USA Envisions a Lifestyle
by Margaret Marten

Pet Blessing Photos
by Gus Brunsman III p. 8 and p. 9

HighBall Photos
by Larry Hamill p. 24 and p. 25

Urban Philosophy:
You never know what's under the lid
by Eric Anderson

Restaurant Review: Cosecha Cocina
by Jan and Ralph Rosenfield

The Bookshop, by Penelope Fitzgerald
reviewed by Christine Hayes

Italian Village Society
Complete Streets Implementing Committee
September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Thurber Connection:
Labor Pains
by Tom Thomson

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An attempt to define the magic of this wonderful event.

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Clinton J. Buhler (Art Reviews) [2011 - 2012]

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Pedal Pusher (cyclist column) (Greg Knepp) [2007 - 2010]

Tom's Corner

Publisher emeritus
talks about this and that and fairly frequently blasts some hapless person or institution out of the water

Fritz the Nite Owl [1999-2009]
Fritz Peerenboom, aka Fritz the Nite Owl, broadcasts some of the coolest jazz

Jared Gardner (Pop Renaissance) [2009 - 2011]

Betty Garrett Deeds

Elizabeth Ann James
rt news - in the Short North -and all around the town

Karen Edwards
In the Wings - A look at the theatre scene in Columbus [2005]

Thurber Connection
Series on one of Columbus' most famous native sons

Legendary Tales
Fancy-free meanderings by Tom Thomson

C.B. Findlay's Dining Notes Archive [2003-2005]

Kaizaad Kotwal Film Archive
Film Review Archive: Kaizaad Kotwal [2000-2003]

Kaizaad Kotwal (Art, Features)

Kotwal Comment Archive
Straight Talk Archive : Kaizaad Kotwal [2000-2003]

Comic Strip (Matt Wyatt)
the heebie-jeebies? Go to :

Sex Quotes of the Rich and Famous
. . Pithy remarks on the foibles and follies of the human condition from the mouths of such icons as Gloria Steinem, Jayne Mansfield, Groucho Marx, Jay Leno, Lucille Ball, Shelly Winters, Errol Flynn, Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Victor Hugo, Norman Mailer, Mae West, Joe Louis, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Rivers, Anais Nin, and hundreds of others!

Sam's Poetry Tree
Some coooool stuff here

The Memoirs of Tom's war years
Go to Searching for the U.S.S. LSM 245

"Hey, if you're not doing anything else, come visit one of my web pages. I'm not amongst the living anymore, but what the heck, we'll probably get along. Just click on my gallery or my letters, or what Thomson wrote about me. Ain't these computers somethin!"

Emerson Burkhart
He was one cool artist

More Burkhart Stuff
DORAL CHENOWETH, aka The Grumpy Gourmet, knew Burkhart
and wrote a play
about him. The script came from some six hours of tape recordings produced between 1956 and 1966. The Chenoweth tapes and script provide you with an artistic view of a great American painter.
Doral's website includes photos, the play, and more

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Jobs Now and Then
by Joel Knepp


Late night Gallery Hop
© Photo | Gus Brunsman III



Seventeen arches now span High Street from
the Convention Center to just north of Fifth Avenue

We're just north of the Greater Columbus Convention Center

Doo Dah parades draw big crowds


The story of one of the city’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods includes the tale of the arches, the rise—and abrupt fall—of the Columbus Union Station, an incredible reunion of Civil War soldiers, the circus magnate who mesmerized a town, and the emergence of local festivals and traditions that have become a part of the Short North’s character. It’s a story of how a grassroots movement transforms a run-down, forgotten neighborhood into Columbus’ center for arts and culture.

Bonus material include maps, a slideshow of remarkable buildings and a brief description of their history, a Flytown reunion feature, and a video that shows how you can contribute to the Columbus Neighborhoods website.

Purchase the WOSU DVD $19.95 • Click image to transfer to the WOSU website

Beautiful Goodale Park is a Short North treasure

There's no place like the Short North!

If you are a visitor and need information, try the Short North Arts District website
or send the Short North Alliance an email at info@shortnorth.org
or call the SNA at 614-299-8050
or please contact us! Even if you live in Columbus,
and want to know something about the fabulous
Short North, call us at 614-251-0656
Write: PO Box 8071, Columbus OH 43201
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